Monday, January 28, 2019

Requim for a Website

A local message board that I used to enjoy reading and contributing to some years back turned into an SJW hotel with about three residents, all on moral welfare.  You'll find them sitting in the lobby on broken down, lice infested furniture, watching TV and mumbling about the devil in the White House.

At one time SwampBubbles hosted heated arguments about local politics and problems, and had a good number of contributors.  It's now as dead as the Southwyck Mall.  The reason?  The loony Left took control, the SysOp (Chris Myers) lost interest, and intelligent arguments were spammed by moonbat messages.

Southwyck Mall
Eventually, everyone with an IQ over room temperature stopped reading.  I check in every two or three months just to see if the place is still up (it is) and in a moment of boredom will post a response to the loonie-tune opinions posted by the Left, which has dwindled to a single user.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, the chief troublemaker and official SJW leader posted this piece of drivel: My Personal and Sincere Apology to Chris Meyers.  I posted a suitable response, which you can read or not as it amuses you to do so - SwampBubbles! We are driven...

A long time back, I posted a link to Anil Dash's piece, If your website's full of assholes, it's your fault.  He's right, and if the state of the site were actually worth caring about, I'd blame the owner.  As it is, I really don't care.

I'm writing this as an example of what can happen to a society, any kind of society, when the Left succeeds in driving off everyone with a sense of reason and accountability.  The place ceases to exist.  Sure, SB is still on the web, still live, but it provides nothing.  Even the moonbats have lost interest.

There are other organizations that share the same sort of fate.  Commercial Media comes to mind.  Most of commercial media is gone.  Look for a story, and you'll find the same take on it from ABC, CNN, Google News, Huffington Post, LA Times, NBC, NY Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and Yahoo! News.  All say the same things the same way.  Whatever journalism they once had, it's dead, killed off by the owners of these pseudo news services who encouraged the SJW crowd to do what they dearly love best - destroy everything that dares to disagree with them.


CWMartin said...

I had no doubt clicking over I would know JUST who you were talking about. I have jousted with him a few times via a person who still (according to the thumbnail) follows you. He tracked me back to my own blog once or twice, until I warned him to stay on point- he refused, and I stopped printing his comments (or even looking at the notifications). His buddy who "follows" you was a friend of mine as well- until I cautioned him that, especially being Jewish, he should know the difference between Trump and Hitler, and now he refers to me derogatorially as Pastor Martin, flip-flopping between whether he follows Yahweh or Thor himself.

So I guess, all in all, "swampbubbles" is a very good name for the place.

Mad Jack said...

Queen of the Internet trolls, I'm thinking.

SwampBubbles was originally ToledoTalk, but JR got sick and tired of stomping out fires and sold a copy of the place to Chris Myers.

I saw a whole host of spam posts from some robot which are all pretty old. I'm thinking that the place will expire quietly when Chris gets tired of paying the freight.

Glen Filthie said...

For me it was a Canadian politics and issues forum. We started on Canoe - a Canadian MSM platform. I was the star poster for awhile because I trolled the left, the journalists and the editors on a daily basis. People liked seeing those a-holes get what they gave, and I liked giving it to them. I was probably one of the first people ever to get banned off an internet forum, HAR HAR HAR! About 6 or 7 other miscreants got banned and the other forum users quickly set up their own board on MSN. They reached out to us exiles, brought us on board - and pretty much the entire commentariat from Canoe migrated over to the new board with us. When the SJW finks back on Canoe found out they were screeching into a vacuum they eventually found us, complained to MSN - and got us shuttered. They chased us across several platforms and eventually I gave up and started my blog and have been there ever since.

Our old board has about one steady poster and he was politically centrist. But the SJW's that got us banned there left too. It's the hunt and the kill of the heretic they love, the politics are beside the point.

Jack I can't wait for the day when people turn on those bastards and start hunting them down and hounding them into hiding... but the human critter, being what it is - will probably just invent some other religion or idiot ideology to torment their fellow man with.

Hope Im wrong about that.