Thursday, February 28, 2019

Moonbats, Primates, and Primative Cultures

I read Knuckledraggin My Life Away by Wirecutter on a fairly regular basis, and between the rants about stupidity and the gifs of naked broads, he actually puts together a good essay every so often.  These aren't diamonds in the rough, either.  This is stuff that's really worth reading.  In between times he publishes quotes (likely without permission, although no one in their right mind would object, and the moonbats are all whiny little things of undecided sexual identification who are horrified by firearms and fisticuffs) and stories from others.  This latest is one such, and is worth reading.

I first read this when I was half in the bag, then read it again sober and it still made sense.  The titular question, Class Warfare or Are Billionaires Bad? is somewhat banal and doesn't do justice to the essay.

Here's the original, Class Warfare by Kenny Parsons (aka Johnny Silver Bear) and Doug Casey.

The deal is that there are around 2,500 actual billionaires in the world today, and most of them live in the U.S. of A.  No surprise, right?  A certain segment of the population hates these people because they're rich.  I, by the way, do not.  I pretty much ignore them, never having met one and not having an overwhelming desire to do so.  Not everyone shares this outlook.

Doug Casey predicts a split of the GOP and the Moonbats.  He also predicts a few other things, and has good reason to do so.  Along the way the man actually knocks one out of the park and fails to notice the grand slam.

From the article:

The problem is that humans are essentially chimpanzees – and I don’t mean the gentle bonobo either.  As individuals, they can be quite rational. But they immediately fall to the lowest common denominator if you put them together.  It’s easy to get them to hooting and panting, anxious to tear apart some real or imagined enemy.

And a lot of that has to do with envy, a much nastier vice than simple jealousy or covetousness.  Jealousy says: “You have it. I want it. I’ll take it from you.”  That’s understandable.  It’s how the world has worked for at least 500 million years, since animal life arose.  Envy, however, says “You have it.  I want it.  I’ll not only take it from you, but I’ll hurt you for having it.  And if I can’t have it, I’ll destroy it, so you can’t have it either.”  One chimpanzee has a bunch of fat appetizing grubs, and the other chimpanzees – well represented by all the Democrats running for president – are chock-full of envy.  I’m afraid that’s just the way things are on Planet Earth today.  Not just with chimps, but even more so with humans.
This observation goes a long way toward explaining moonbat behavior.

Out of idle curiosity I looked up both words in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) .  Here's what I found:

The quality of being jealous.

†1.1 Zeal or vehemence of feeling against some person or thing; anger, wrath, indignation. Obs.

†2.2 Zeal or vehemence of feeling in favour of a person or thing; devotion, eagerness, anxiety to serve. Obs.

3.3 Solicitude or anxiety for the preservation or well-being of something; vigilance in guarding a possession from loss or damage.

4.4 The state of mind arising from the suspicion, apprehension, or knowledge of rivalry: a.4.a in love, etc.: Fear of being supplanted in the affection, or distrust of the fidelity, of a beloved person, esp. a wife, husband, or lover.

b.4.b in respect of success or advantage: Fear of losing some good through the rivalry of another; resentment or ill-will towards another on account of advantage or superiority, possible or actual, on his part; envy, grudge.

†1.1 Strong or inordinate desire (of). Obs.

2.2 Inordinate and culpable desire of possessing that which belongs to another or to which one has no right.

†1.1 Malignant or hostile feeling; ill-will, malice, enmity. Obs.

†b.1.b Unwillingness, reluctance. Obs. rare.

†c.1.c Odium, unpopularity, opprobrium; used to translate L. invidia. Obs.

†2.2 Active evil, harm, mischief. Obs.
I've seen this kind of behavior in people I encounter on a fairly regular basis.  Some of these are otherwise fairly bright and well-educated people, but they have a good deal of envy in their heart.  We, the haves, refuse to relinquish what is rightfully ours, what we've worked hard for.  They, the have-nots, want what we have to the point of envy.  They won't work for it themselves, but they will try and take it from us.  Being unable to take it, they'll do their best to destroy it.

This isn't just true with tangible things (mainly wealth).  The same hostility exists due to social position, artistic achievements, or scholastic accomplishments.  Since I can't have what you have, I'll destroy your university.

Immediate gratification figures into this pretty strongly.  A freshman comes into English 201 and wonders why he isn't learning anything.  Another in the same class isn't learning anything either, yet one is able to pen coherent sentences and string them together to form paragraphs.  Enough paragraphs make an essay.  Eventually the semester ends and the student matriculates into English 301, where very little is learned.  The other student turns in an essay that is so poorly written that the instructor has no idea where to begin.  There are no sentences, but the general feeling is one of hatred and a strong desire to burn down the building unless the inarticulate demands are met by close of business today.  If the student is allowed to continue to attend class, he's disruptive.  He prevents the other students from learning anything.  If corrected, he's likely to become violent.

At one time this student would never have been allowed to attend college.  He isn't emotionally prepared, and he isn't scholastically prepared.  He's not the college's responsibility.  But that was then, and this is now.  Now we have a sign:

Check Your Privilege

I wish I'd have known about white privilege when I was growing up.  I could have used a little break here and there.

Again, I can't have it.  If I can't have it, you're getting a beating and I'll destroy what you've got that I want.

My very own former ice pick in the eye, Migraine One, is consumed by envy.  Since this is one emotion that I've never had, it's almost impossible for me to understand how it motivates someone else - until now, anyway.  Now, although I don't really understand it, I can recognize it and see how it works.

My thanks to Wirecutter, Johnny Silver Bear, and Doug Casey.


CWMartin said...

What can you say? Well put. Explains Bobby Gs neighborhood to a T.

Glen Filthie said...

The Z Man has a good one up about the Donks discussing plans for reparations to coloured people from the evil white man. Kamala Harris is going to have to define what kind of financial compensation is required, and the terms of payment.

It left me wanting to kill stupid people.