Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Employee Abuse at Google

Take any or all of the top fifty tech companies, and Google will float to the top.  Being bored out of my mind recently, I decided to read Slashdot which is rare for me, and I stumbled over this story about employee abuse at Google.

Evidently, over the past few years, the tyrannical middle management at Google have a zero tolerance policy for whiners and whistle blowers, but there's a bit more to the story than the tip of the iceberg you can see, looming dead ahead in the fog.

The story on Slashdot is Google Employees Explain How They Were Retaliated Against For Reporting Abuse, which in some cases is probably true.  The original story comes from the Motherboard section of Vice dot com, where it shares space with an article about impeaching President Trump, right next to another story about porn stars, anal sex, and how the stars prepare for scenes with a farm animal.

In this case, the big story follows the title and doesn't say much more.  What's interesting are the comment and responses area.

I think it's appropriate to note that Slashdot isn't really a news site.  It's much more of a Hey, lookit this shit! site, and the Lefties that make up the vast majority of the Slashdot contributors predictably do the right thing and crucify the named villain - in this case it's Google, who, I'm sure, is every bit as worried about an article like this one as AOC worries about the national debt.  In this case there was somewhat of a backfire, as not all contributors are flat liners looking for a place to scream.  I found it interesting because it illustrates the difference in the thought process between the emotional, liberal Left and the erudite, conservative Right.

The Left sees a story like this one and starts barking at the moon.  They verbally dog pile the target, and repeat whatever the accuser says, adding a few superlatives of their own.

The Right reads the story, notes a few facts and produces a summation.  Our story of abuse of authority takes place over a few years within a company that is in the Fortune 50 group, and who employs over 100,000 people.  Now then, even if all these stories are true, and even if there are twice or even three times the number of cases that we have here, that's only 0.00135 percent.  Not even one percent.  In a company that large, it's reasonable to believe that someone doing the hiring is going to screw up the process and hire an undesirable employee or two.  And, because no one likes to fire people (except me - I love to fire incompetent employees), the manager will do everything he can to make the employee successful.

But some people are stupid and never should have been hired in the first place.  Once hired, they screw everything up, and it's everyone's fault but theirs.

You can find the original document of cases at this link:  Actual Document of Examples

This is the Left in action, and I'm glad I'm retired.  All I need is for some joy boy to explain that he identifies as a LatinX African-American cisFemale (just try and figure out what that is, Glen Filthie), and It needs me to be extra careful so as not to micro-trigger It.


CWMartin said...

I love your summation of employees. We have one that has had a series of weak-excused absences ("I have a toothache," "I just started my laundry") and has apparently begun to figure out this is frowned on by management. When she bailed today, she actually sent a video of her trying and failing to start her car to the interim plant manager. IPM told me that the thing that made her laugh was that she tried to request a vacation day, which she can't b/c we require day-before notice. When IPM told her, "I can't approve that,", she asked who she needed to talk to to get it approved. I told IPM, "You should have sent her back a video of you filling out a pink slip."

Glen Filthie said...

LOL. My former manager had a great one: this young $5.00/hour ditz he’d hired was pulling the same crap. Chronically absent, and one day she actually DID show up... she was higher than a kite and smoking weed out back at coffe break. The shop foreman fought it and reported it... so Al rubber stamped the termination papers and out she went.

She came back with the lawyers and the Canada labour board - turns out the pot was medicinal and we were forced to hire her back!

I feel for management and employers these days.

Mad Jack said...

My brother, California Dave, used to work for the Culver City, CA. The government itself, and he was fairly highly placed.

So the Asshole Factory gives him this female coon that's deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other. On top of that, she's illiterate. Not to be dissuaded by a challenge, Dave starts a file on her. Her job reviews list areas that need improvement and methods to attain that improvement. Classes, specialists, all kinds of things - which she ignores. She does no work and refuses to improve, so at six months Dave terminates her employment.

Legal has heart failure. A 'differently abled' minority of a protected class, and security made her do the walk of shame right in front of a bunch of white people. We're hosed.

Legal Man eases on over to California Dave and says, "I don't suppose you thought to keep any paperwork on any of this, did you?"

Dave pulls out a three inch thick stack of documents and puts them on the desk. The man experiences a Divine epiphany as he pages through the stack. Words fail him.

A month later California Dave gets a memo from Legal and another from Personnel. "The judge's clerk looked through the documentation and summed it up for the judge. Then the judge got brutal. He looked down at the plaintiff and said, 'You're going to lose this one.' They couldn't even get it to trial."

And that was that.