Saturday, October 26, 2019

Plea For Help

It hits us all, even the most self-sufficient of us.  A few little things pile up - the truck throws a rod, and a few days later you have a grease fire in the kitchen, then a few days after that you're hauling a load of junk down to the curb for unlimited pickup day, and you step in a gopher hole and break your ankle in three places.  Now you can't work, and you can't get around.  And then?  Then you get cancer.

This is an approximation of Jackie Ruth Brown Kosen's past eight months.  Jackie-Ruth is a self-sufficient woman who spent 23 years living on a sailboat in the Florida Keys, where she made her living diving for shells to sell to the tourists, working odd jobs, and catching her dinner.  She started traveling again, and ended up in a tiny cabin off the grid in Mount Prairie Hollow, which is someplace in Moore Township, Missouri, and which, as everyone knows, is pretty close to Thomasville, Missouri.  She could hunt for her dinner, and was fully capable of shooting a six point buck in the morning and having venison for dinner that night.

The Day After Surgery

Right now Jackie is living in a nice house in Thayer, MO.  However, her ankle hasn't healed up correctly, she has autoimmune small-fiber polyneuropathy, and she just had a cancerous tumor removed from her face.  She's unable to work, and the disability checks just aren't enough.

All Jackie Ruth needs is enough to cover her expenses for the next three months.  In her case, that's one thousand dollars.  So what I'm asking is that anyone reading this, please share it.  If you, the reader, can spare a few bucks, please kick in and support a worthy cause.

One Week After Surgery
I set up a Go Fund Me page here: Go Fund Me: Help for Jackie-Ruth.  As for me, I eat my own dog food.  My check went out last week.


Old NFO said...


Mad Jack said...

Thanks Old NFO. I'm sincerely grateful to you, and to all the other people who have donated. It really helps, and it isn't just the money. It's knowing that other people care.

Glen Filthie said...

Sorry Jack, I am a troglodyte that lives under a rock and has never used Go Fund Me before. If it doesn't go through just give me a shout.

Best of luck to all.