Thursday, February 13, 2020

Impeachment, Election, and the Verdict

The Demonic Left is a long way from surrender, preferring to return on their shield rather than with it.  As a result, they have no one to run in the 2020 race to the double-wide parked on the large lot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.  What a fucking shame.

Continue at your own peril.  Brace yourself for racist insults, profane language, and prejudiced opinions along with facts that are not suitable for work.  SJWs may require therapy.

We, the Great Unwashed, are living in interesting times, although you would have to be born in the 1950s to see it. Consider recent history for a minute.

1973: Spiro Tee Agnew.  He was Tricky Dick’s VP.  Charged with tax evasion and a slew of bribery charges, Agnew quietly resigns and takes up stamp collecting.  And that was that.

1974: Watergate. Tricky Dick… everyone knows this one.  The point here is that Tricky Dick resigned rather than be impeached and found guilty (he chose exile rather than falling on his sword).  His original VP, old Spiro Tee, was dodging summonses about tax evasion, so Gerald Ford takes over. When Ford took office, he could have never seen this coming in a million years.

1978: Jonestown Massacre.  U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan (D) visits Georgetown, Guyana to investigate human rights violations by a religious cult headed up by professional screwball and sanguinary psychotic Jim Jones. While he's investigating, Ryan is assassinated and members of his group are shot.  A few survive, and one grew up to be a professional Moonbat in California.  The U.S. Government fails to respond to the assassination in any kind of military manner; if this event had taken place 20 years earlier, a platoon of US Marines would have landed and given air support as needed until the entire business got sorted out.  My point is that a country does not allow visiting elected officials to come to harm in the middle of a jungle - but that's what happened, and there were no reprisals when there should have been.

1986: Iran-Contra scandal, which refers to members of President Ronald Reagan's staff selling weapons to Iran (which activity the US Congress had previously prohibited), then using the profit to fund the Contras (revolutionaries) in Nicaragua.  The thinking was that selling weapons to Iran would make the 'terrorists' more willing to give up US hostages, while finding the Contras at the same time would win their support for their friends in the U.S. of A. - a sort of everybody wins something strategy.  It didn't work, and the Cowboy in DC got a pass.  Which was kinda right and kinda not, but the persecution lacked facts - something that would have never slowed them down today.

1998: Slick Willy plays hide the salami with Monica Lewinsky.  Old Slick lied to Congress about it (what do you mean by 'sex', anyway?) when he should have told them that it was none of their damn' business and offered to step outside with the loudest voices in the room.  Congress impeached him, but they failed to convict, while the First Lady failed to bean him with an ash tray, which might be seen as a harbinger of future events.

These events were serious at the time, but compared to the events happening today, they’re laughable.

What we’ve seen is an attempted coup, perpetrated by one political party for the sole reason that their candidate, ex-First Lady Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 Presidential election.  I suppose it didn’t help that commercial media predicted Herself’s victory in a landslide, nor did it help that Herself was completely overcome by a fit of temper (or a fifth of Scotch) on election day and couldn’t come forward to thank her supporters.

This attack on a sitting President is the sort of thing that happens in a banana republic – a ‘shit-hole country’ as our President might call it.  He’d be right, too.

The Democrats lied and fabricated evidence many times.  They tried to torpedo our President twice, and both attempts failed completely.  This is an entire political party comprised of spineless, licentious men and women who have never known a shred of personal morality in their entire lives.

They are, one and all, truly damned.

And we have to live with them a while longer.


Glen Filthie said...

I might disagree about Wilhelm Von Blowjob, Jack. There is a code of conduct that goes along with the job, and it is in place to prevent sex as being used as a weapon to compromise or blackmail the president. Clinton put his career, his marriage, and his integrity at risk - for a blow job. That code of conduct should be mandatory for any serious gov't leadership position and no bones about it. People that can't control what's going on in their pants cannot be expected to exercise any control in national or world events.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm with Glen on this.
Latest news is that Durham's gunning for Brennan.
One in a tower of cards.

Mad Jack said...

Okay, I'm not allowed to say just how I know this, but this is what I know about old Slick Willy.

One, he hates being called Slick Willy.
Two, he has the morals of a pig. Lewinsky was the one we all know about, but believe me when I say there were plenty more, and by plenty I mean by a 16 year old boy's standards. A horny 16 year old boy. Hitlery knew all about Slick before Herself married him, knew during the marriage, and things haven't changed. Himself's run for President was planned years before, and her run after his was a part of the plan. Herself's winning the election was a foregone conclusion on Her part, and was reinforced by the sycophants that made up Herself's personal entourage and campaign staff. They didn't need old Slick's help; but Herself LOST. Ironically, Slick Willy could have told her what to do in order to win. He'd been there before, and he knows what it takes.
Three, President William Clinton is by far the smartest President we've had before Trump - and that last is very debatable. Whatever else he is, Clinton is artistically talented, extremely bright, and likable. He was popular, and if he'd done a few things differently he might have been able to get special dispensation to allow him to serve another term. But then, you know, Hitlery.

Yes, there should be a code of conduct, and the President should be serving as a moral example for the rest of us. However, the only Presidents I can think of that might qualify are Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.