Friday, March 12, 2010

Dog Walk

The weather was so nice yesterday that I went on an excellent dog walk in the Lincoln Woods neighborhood.  Naturally I had my excellent dog with me, and we both enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of the neighborhood.  Rachmaninoff has to tell me about the smells as I have allergies and so my sense of smell is not what it could be.  Anyway, we passed this house which I have always admired.  I have noticed that when I pass through a neighborhood all the houses seem to be pretty much the same, and I've never been able to understand this.  How do you know which house is yours?  If you're coming home late and pretty well oiled, what do you do if you can't find your house?  Are they all alike inside as well as out?  No one seems to know.

A House I Admire

A little further along our walk we found something suspicious.  Look at these antennas on this house.  I wonder just what kind of radio set up the owner has inside, and who he might be talking to.  Why use a radio when the telephone is so much more convenient?  Notice that this house looks like all the other houses, but then we have the radio antennas.  I may have to take a few more dog walks along this route and see what may be seen.

Radio Antennas

Further along our route I found an explanation – a foreign flag!  It's hard for me to believe, but deep within the Lincoln Woods neighborhood someone is flying a foreign flag instead of the American Red, White and Blue.  This house is right next to the other house with the radio antennas.

 Foreign Flag in America

This is our final sighting.  As we were passing Olander Park we saw another foreign flag, this time being flown over a public park!  This is a place where American children play, and they should be safe from foreign subversion.  It seems that is no longer the case.

Foreign Flag in the Park

It's clear to me that the enemy has infiltrated Lincoln Woods.  I will continue to gather intelligence on my seemingly harmless dog walks, and I hope to see results soon.  It is clear that the enemy is over-confident and has become careless, but it is also clear that the American citizens have become equally complacent and soft.


mud_rake said...

Ah, yes, Jack- the foreign flags waving in your neighborhood. Maybe you should contact homeland Security so the feds can investigate these people. and the guy with all of those antennas- definitely an al Qaeda terrorist!

Good luck living among all of those people. I hope you can sleep well...

Mad Jack said...

Certainly, I plan to keep the proper authorities informed with daily updates, and as new intelligence is gathered.

I sleep as well as can be expected, thanks. My chief concern is keeping these red fascists fooled into thinking that I'm just another harmless sheep.