Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring in Sylvania Township

I've been enjoying the nice weather lately, and today was very nice.  I decided to take a few pictures of the flowers that Main Lady grows in her front yard, then the dog and I went on a photo shoot around Lincoln Woods.

Crocuses in Main Lady's Front Yard

More Crocuses in Main Lady's Front Yard

Still More Crocuses in Main Lady's Front Yard

Neighbor's Yard with Crocuses

The lady who gardens this yard does an outstanding job every year, and always changes this corner garden around a little.  I'm waiting to see what she'll do this year, but in the meantime the crocuses are coming on like gangbusters.

Neighbor's Yard with More Crocuses

Neighbor's Yard with Still More Crocuses

Miniature Iris in Main Lady's Front Yard

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Stroll in Lincoln Woods

Vincent in the Hayloft

Originally Vinnie lived with our neighbors but he didn't get along well with the other cats, and so moved in with us.  He's generally friendly, but during his irascible moments he'll bite.  I've never had trouble with him, but I don't recommend him as the ideal cat for a small child.

Lily Outside the Barn

I'm not sure where Lily came from, but she's very friendly with people and generally gets along well with other cats and dogs.  She and Vincent don't get along well at all, mainly because Vincent tries to run her off.  I think Vincent has some type of insecurity complex.

Hornet's Nest

This is from the woods next door.  I don't think it's occupied just now, but now that I know the hornets have an apartment building in the neighborhood I'll be keeping an eye on them this summer.

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