Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rare Sight

Here is Dante, my cat that I adopted in Florida.  Dante was the smallest of three strays that would come around my door looking for handouts, and being the smallest he would go short on food unless I let him inside to eat.  One day just after he'd finished his cat food I chanced to open my closet door and a roach the size of a Shetland pony jumped out.  I swatted at the roach and knocked it to the floor, where it took evasive action and headed back into the nice, dark closet.  Dante nailed the roach, so I decided to keep him.  Here he is, relaxing in the morning sun.


Note that Dante doesn't miss many meals these days.  Dante is completely black, which I gather is somewhat unusual.  He has a nice disposition, but tends to be wary of strangers.
Here's a rare sight:


The cat in the upper tier is Zeus, who used to belong to Shotgun Bob until my dear mother stole him.  The cats rarely occupy adjacent tiers of the cat tree, at the cat above is prone to reach down and tap the cat underneath.  A few minutes after I took this picture, Zeus allowed his tail to descend into Dante's area, prompting Dante to catch the tail and nip at it.

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