Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flower Photos

Here are a few pictures from Main Lady's back yard and the immediate neighborhood. These lilies are growing in the neighbor's yard and are an unusual color.

Pink Lilies

Pink Lily

I may see about getting a few of these for Main Lady, as she admired them greatly. She has literally dozens of these tiger lilies in her yard which I've always admired.

Tiger Lily

Yellow Tiger Lily

Many of these were planted by Main Lady's three little darlings, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. They were out in the yard last October trying to break up the barely thawed ground. When the shovel failed I suggested a mattock or pick axe, but none of the ladies knew what a mattock was and a pick axe sounded too aggressive. As an alternative I suggested they try dynamite.

Red Flowers

I like the red flowers best, mainly because red things go faster. This hanging basket is conclusive proof of that, as it has grown tremendously since Main Lady hung it.

Hanging Flowers

Someone told me what these flowers were called, but naturally I can't remember. I think that my memory is failing as I get older. I'm not really troubled by this, as there are any number of things I'd rather not remember.

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