Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Prize

A little while back I entered a contest I'd found on line. I did this on a whim, not expecting much of anything except an increase in spam. Some days later I was roused from the alcohol induced torpor by an email announcing I was the grand prize winner. After some perfunctory investigation I blogged about it here.  My winning answer, should it matter to anyone, was an explanation for the origin of the word sheriff.
Origin of the term sheriff: About 1000 (or a little less) years ago back in Jolly Old and vicinity (Scotland, for instance) His Majesty concluded that it was dashed inconvenient for Himself to be everywhere at once, and so needed some good, stouthearted men of high moral character to run things for Him and handle mundane events. The area was divided into shires, which are like the counties in the United States. The man selected for the job was called a reeve. The term shire reeve was eventually shortened to sheriff. 
So today I received this via United Parcel Service:
USB Flash Drive

I only anticipated one, but three arrived. These are one gigabyte USB flash drives. You unscrew the nose of the bullet to reveal the USB plug. The coolness factor is off the scale, and I am one very happy elderly curmudgeon.

Sadly, Kindergarten Cop's blog site has been closed due to official pressure from The Powers That Be, including the village idiot school principal who didn't like Kindergarten Cop's commentary describing what really went on inside a public school. This is a clear violation of the author's first amendment rights, but pursuing a case against the city would tie up a staff of ACLU lawyers and cost several hundred pounds of c-notes. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see it happen; it's just not practical right now, and it won't be until one of us wins the lottery.

Anyway, I intend to enjoy my USB drives. I hope I can land a contract somewhere on the East coast and give a bunch of moonbat gun hating cubical mushrooms a heart attack when I back up a few personal files on my USB drive.

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Unknown said...

I was in Dallas last week and wandered into a souvenir shop. They had everything you could possibly shape into a bullet, including a fun little flash drive. Funny that you should then post it. Winning is fun. :)