Friday, June 4, 2010

Sylvania Township Police

On Friday, May 28 I published the article Late Breaking News - Major Electric Blackout Averted!

You can look it over if you like, but the point is that I spoke with an officer of the Sylvania Township Police who was affable, and struck me as a good sort of person - friendly and easygoing.  Yesterday (Thursday) I saw the same officer at the corner of Flanders and Alexis, around noon, helping a lady who had run out of gas on Alexis road.  The officer parked his police car in back of the disabled auto and, as I saw him, was helping a middle aged lady put a gallon or so of fuel into the tank.  Instead of passing the stalled auto at 90 mph and blaring their horns at her, passing motorists were respectfully slowing down and providing a wide berth.  I'm told this is called the halo affect.

I didn't get his name or his badge number, but I want to congratulate him for doing a good job.  It was nice of him to stop and get out and help.

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