Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent Films

Here's a quick review of the films I've seen recently. Mind you, the pickings are a little slim here.

The Kids Are All Right
7.5 out of 10
It's supposed to be a comedy/drama, and it's actually a drama/comedy. The chief virtue of this film is that Main Lady and I both enjoyed it - moderately. The acting is good, the story line is better.

The American, which is adapted from the book A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth
8.5 out of 10

A story about an assassin who builds guns and is able to take care of himself. Slow pacing with realistic gun fights (people die). I liked this because the characters in it have few redeeming qualities without being wantonly cruel. They don't have to go out of their way to prove themselves to anyone; they are bad news. Also, our hero does not leave troublemakers lying around alive so they can raise hell later.

I read the book, and the film follows the book fairly accurately. Both the film and the book are believable.

The Last Exorcism
3 out of 10
Boring story about a sky pilot confidence man who works the long con on people with unruly children, haunted houses and anything else that needs purification. The most interesting part of the entire movie is the exposure of the standard rigs used to produce psychic phenomenon. Warning: This digital masterpiece is shot with a poor quality hand held video camera, so if you are bothered by poor, shaky photography or worse home video, pass this little gem up in favor of a cheap DVD rental, a six pack and some fun with the old lady on the couch.

3 out of 10
I'm trying to decide why I rated this hound three out of ten when it just isn't that good. It isn't that the film, acting, story, dialog or special effects are bad, because they aren't. It's that the whole thing is boring. Nothing happens.

The Other Guys
zero out of ten
Flopsy suggested that Main Lady and I see this together. In retaliation, I'm sending Flopsy two season tickets to the Supermarket Clerk Championships in Kobe, Japan.


Stephanie Lorée said...

I was just lamenting to the man that there have been zero films out worth seeing. What is Hollywood doing? The last thing I wanted to see at the movies was Toy Story 3, I think, which was really good. :)

Mad Jack said...

No lie. I've got Devils, Takers, The Town and The Expendables all scheduled for matinee shows. I don't really care if I see them or not, and Main Lady hasn't found anything she likes that is showing right now. Yeah, pickings are slim in the same sense that we are now in a little economic recession.