Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Worth Reading

I recently started reading Momma Fargo over at The Boogie Man Is My Friend, which describes the real life adventures of a 40 something police woman who is doing her level best on the job, day in and day out. Momma Fargo writes well and her stories are worth reading.

For those who don't know, Beat and Release has decided to being working on his memoirs, which I think is a very worthwhile endeavor. Go over and offer a few words of encouragement if you have the time.

Finally, saving the best for last, that lovable, ineffable epitome of curmudgeons everywhere, Fred Reed, explains just how and why the State of Florida has decided to expand the governmental abuse of its citizens to include children - Lunatics to the Left, Lunatics to the Right, and Not a Drop to Drink. Fred also conducts a survey about learning Spanish from his kind and gracious wife Violeta about half way down the Lunatics diatribe (click here). I may sign up just so I can talk to Violeta about Fred.

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