Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Life: I'm Affirmed

A short time back I wrote about an inflammatory racial slur I discovered on a site I sometimes frequent.  You may peruse my ravings at Applied Freedom of Speech as it may amuse you to do so.  Today I discovered a contribution to the site in question by Mad Anthony (read it here) who thoughtfully provided a link to an article by Anil Dash, entitled (as they say over there) If Your Website's Full Of Assholes, It's Your Fault.  Anil makes a much better argument than I do, at least in some ways.  Since he admits to living in New York city, he probably doesn't support the second amendment or own a gun of any kind.  Hell, since he lives in NYC he doesn't really have the second amendment the way I do.  I won't hold that against him, and just to prove a point I'd be willing to take him to the range for a shoot and buy him a round or two afterwards. 

Anyway, it's nice to find some small amount of affirmation for my rants.  Good job, Mad Anthony.  Good job, Anil.

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