Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rant: Government and the Economy, Part II

I ranted and raved about our incompetent local government here, tying the entire rant into the closing of a local proprietorship - Thackery's bookstore.  Idly stumbling around the Internet I found a site listing independent alternatives to Borders Books.  Edward Champion, the author over at Reluctant Habits - a cultural website in ever-shifting standing, published a list of independent bookstores (AKA proprietorships, for any city council members who might be reading this) for cities that have a Borders bookstore.  Edward's efforts can be seen here, a List of Independent Alternatives to Closed Borders Bookstores. Perusing the list with the faint hope of finding an alternative to Barnes and Noble, I found - nothing.  The Borders bookstore in Toledo is closing and the only other alternative is B&N.

The local governments (Toledo and others) could have prevented this.  They didn't, mainly because the people that make up those governments are even more greedy than they are incompetent.


Beat And Release said...

I miss Borders. They closed down here a couple of years ago. A trip to Borders usually resulted in walking out with five or six extremely good reads for less than $50.00.

Mad Jack said...

I shall miss them as well, but I miss Thackery's even more.

This give Barnes and Noble a virtual monopoly on the retail bookstore business in Toledo, Ohio, and very likely in a lot of other places as well. Good for B&N, not so good for the average consumer.