Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Life: Writer's Block

I am suffering a bad case of writer's block. I have several stories I'm working on (fiction) and I cannot for the life of me get any of them to progress. Drat! Tonight I'm going to try a perfect manhattan and see if that helps. It may.


Older School said...

You? Writing a novel? I never would have guessed. Let me know when you get published. I'll be first in line! Oh wait, I'll be the first on line. Who goes to the bookstore anymore?

Stephanie Lorée said...

Generally when this happens to me, I kill someone.

Fictional people only, of course!

Mad Jack said...

Who goes to the bookstore anymore?

I did, until the silly shits filed Chapter 11. Now I'm stuck with B&N.

Rest assured, if I'm ever published I'll make the announcement right here and begin taking heavily discounted orders for autographed copies of the first edition.

Mad Jack said...

Generally when this happens to me, I kill someone.

Thanks Steph. I've already killed off my old fourth grade school teacher - she was a nasty old piece of work and got pushed down the stairs. Serves her right.

I suppose I could kill off my next door neighbor from my old neighborhood. He'd make a nice corpse.

I'm reminded of some high school kids who had a bad Dungeons and Dragons hobby, and the school authorities found a bunch of role playing stuff during a 'routine' locker search. They immediately leaped to conclusions about Satan worship, and the kids all got taken down to the principal's office where they tried to explain D&D to a bunch of adults, none of whom had any imagination or concept of what role playing games are. Starting with "it's a game" and being unable to penetrate the barrier of "well, nobody really wins...". Then the police got involved and things really went downhill from there.

So the thing is if I arranged for Loud Mouth Joe to be shotgunned some fine Monday morning and Beat and Release discovered my story, well, the questions might be a little embarrassing.