Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Worthy Reads

Idly sipping my morning snort while I peruse the latest news via the Internet, I've found a few things worth reading.  Maggie Thurber provided a link to an article that give some insight into the London riots written by someone who knows what he's talking about and can actually write.  A second link that Maggie passed along deals with small business regulations, such as the pet ambulance service started in Louisville, Kentucky.  And, well, there's more.  See for yourself.

When I read about the riots in London, I was reminded about the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and the response of the Korean entrepreneurs:
KING CASE AFTERMATH: A CITY IN CRISIS : Looters, Merchants Put Koreatown Under the Gun : Violence: Lacking confidence in the police, employees and others armed themselves to protect mini-mall. The only mistake the Koreans made was failing to kill a few looters and putting their severed heads on pikes as a warning to others.

Anyway, here's a limey that can write and provides the straight story on just how and why the London riots happened.  This is one of the best articles I've read on the subject to date.

Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters

Ever want to drive through traffic with your lights and siren on?  This might be far easier to do that you might think.  This entrepreneur in Louisville, KY bought his very own ambulance and when he got an emergency call he just naturally put the hammer down and tore through rush hour traffic on his mission.  The police couldn't catch him, mainly because they don't have anyone who can drive like Solleks.

Man Accused Of Improperly Using Ambulance Lights, Sirens

Steven Lowery Arrested for Driving Fake Ambulance

Naturally the chief curmudgeon South of the border is the first to stand up (possibly with assistance), point and proclaim that the Emperor is buck nekkid (The Emperor's New Clothes) as he writes about the London Riots.

Maggie Thurber points out that the Federal Government is ruining small business with Draconian regulations (Thurber's Thoughts: New Small Business Regulations) and references an excellent article:

New regs are flying off Washington's printing presses like money

After reading part of the article, I concluded Maggie is quite right on two counts: One, that the new regulations are being printed just as fast as Washington prints sawbucks; and Two, the regulations are worth as much as the brand new dead presidents. See for yourself.


Beat And Release said...

I love my dogs and drove like mad to get them to a vet when they got into some rat poison. In retrospect, though, running like that with or without emergency equipment puts PEOPLE at risk. Running code is probably one of the most dangerous activities emergency personnel engage in.

Mad Jack said...

I agree, generally speaking. My caveat is that if the street is empty and you're driving to the hospital (or animal hospital, for all that matters) why not put the hammer down a little?

I gather that this guy didn't understand he'd done anything wrong. He just assumed that anyone who owned an ambulance could switch on the lights and siren and throw the hammer down. Hey, it's the law, right? :)

I guess the authorities took his ambulance away and impounded it. What amazed me was that the police couldn't catch him.