Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Life: Dogs and Sunflowers

I'm posting this for my own amusement and to elicit a response from History Mike, a blogger of some local renown who is own hiatus due (he claims) to a self-imposed work load.  You see, History Mike has a fondness for sunflowers and grows his own with some success - that is, when he can keep the puggles out of them long enough.  I photographed this while walking Excellent Rachmaninoff through Lincoln Woods.

But first a paid political announcement.

Having misplaced my own cat some months back, I thought I might pass this along for anyone in the Lincoln Woods area of Sylvania, Ohio.  I plan on conducting my own search for this missing varmint, using Excellent Rachmaninoff's tracking skills coupled with the goodness of whiskey.  I figure the cat is likely hiding in someone's back yard along the drainage ditch.

Seriously, though, if you're in the area I'm sure the owners would appreciate your keeping your eyes peeled.

Main Lady pointed me at these sunflowers as we walked Excellent Rachmaninoff the other evening.  I returned during the day for a photo.  These are the tallest sunflowers I've ever seen, and I kind of wonder if the owner hasn't set some sort of record for sun flower height.

Tall Sunflowers
Note that they reach to the middle of the second floor.  Eat your heart out History Mike!  Here's a closer view of the flowers.

These are all from one stalk.  I spoke with the owner briefly and she told me that this doesn't happen every year.  The plant will grow, but growth is conditional on the squirrels and kids leaving it alone.

Excellent Rachmaninoff
Here's Excellent Rachmaninoff waiting patiently for me to finish fooling around with my camera and get back to the important business of doggie walking.  What a good dog!

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Momma Fargo said...

Those are some sunflowers! Yowsa! Great canine companion, you have there. He is very cute. Good luck on finding your cat. Mine wanders off on the prowl often and comes back when he wants to. Last week, he brought home a girlfriend. How does a cat find a girlfriend in the middle of nowhere? Even my cat has better luck than me. Anyfeline, I might be giving her the boot. Competition, you know. Just kidding. Good luck in the search.

Did you check the sunflowers? They are big enough for a cat to get lost in.