Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Life: Range Report.

Last Saturday was range day, and as usual Big Mike got hold of me earlier in the week, interrupting my afternoon siesta with the news he was coming into town for an unscheduled visit and felt inclined to put a few holes in paper.  When Big Mike asked me to choose between Cleland's and The Bullet Stop, I naturally chose the closer of the two - Cleland's.  Big Mike objected.

"I'd rather go to the Bullet Stop."

"Sure.  That's easy."

"I like The Bullet Stop, where people mind their own business."

"Okay, we'll go to the bullet stop."

"I see absolutely no reason to put up with some clown who thinks he's a range officer but who fails to enforce the rules of the range consistently and equitably."

"Well - "

"Why put up with the crap?  I don't mind having a range officer, but he could see our groups and observe us shooting, and it isn't like we're going to shoot the target hangers or do something dangerous, like that guy with the revolver that he clearly saw and didn't do a damned thing about."

"Let's go to The Bullet Stop."

"The guy's a dick.  I couldn't figure out what his problem was."

"You said it.  We'll go to The Bullet Stop."

After another ten minutes Mike wound down and we made plans to go to The Bullet Stop.  For those who may read this and be wondering just what got Big Mike all spun up, it's not because he's off his medication.  I wrote about our experience at Cleland's Outdoor World here where we encountered a clerical worker who was as dense as he was unfriendly.  Clearly Mike was more impressed with the man's incompetence than I was.  So it was off to The Bullet Stop.

Shot With My Ruger Mark II Government
I started off with my Ruger, shooting at the target on the left.  This was shot at about 25 feet or so.  I didn't measure and the light at The Bullet Stop is poor enough to dissuade me from putting my target back any further.  Being a little bored with shooting at a standard style target, I printed up a few alternatives.  I shot the target on the left with one shot per red bull's eye, slow fire (about one shot every two or three seconds).  I didn't do as well as I'd like, but I suppose it isn't too bad.

Beretta Target
Some years ago I bought a Beretta Md. 101 at a gun show.  I'd read a review of this pistol by Kim du Toit and resolved that if I ever had the chance I'd add one to my gun safe.  Kim was impressed with the trigger pull, which is good on my Beretta but not exceptional.  Again, one shot per bull's eye, slow fire at twenty-five feet.  The stars are safe and the circles only slightly less so.

Beretta Md. 101 in .22
I've never had this pistol apart and unless I can find some detailed instructions on field stripping and assembly, I'm not likely to strip it down for cleaning.  With my luck the recoil spring will get loose and propel several tiny but crucial parts across the room where they will never be found.  Anyone who knows anything about field stripping this model feel free to sound off.

I like shooting the Beretta.  It's a good deal lighter than my Ruger and has the advantage of an open hammer, which I've always liked.  If I had a couple extra clips for it I'd probably shoot it more often.

Llama .22
A number of years ago I bought this Llama pistol from someone.  I think I paid about $250 for it.  I took it out to the range and ran some ammo through it, mainly to make sure the thing actually would shoot.  I was able to hit stuff with it and the gun didn't jam, so I cleaned it and packed it in the back of my gun safe and promptly forgot about it.  Until now, anyway.  When I unpacked it at the range Big Mike was full of admiration.

"Ah, I see you've brought your Saturday night at the whore house gun."

"No, this is my barbeque gun."

"Is it?  Could have fooled me.  Besides, it looks like it would go well with your double breasted pin striped purple suit.  The one with the gold buttons."

Mike is kidding with me.  Main Lady donated that suit to the Salvation Army years ago, and he knows it.

Anyway, my thought was that since neither of us had ever shot this pistol we could use it for a little contest.  I produced two targets featuring multicolored balloons and told Mike to take his choice, left side or right side.  Mike chose the left side.  I then asked if he wanted to shoot first or second, and of course he allowed me to go first.

"After all, it's your pistol."

Here are the results.
Contest Target
As you can see, Big Mike edged me out a little.  I was hoping for a better score here, but since I'm too blind to see where my shots are going until I crank the target back, I'm not too disappointed.  After all, there are holes on the paper.

On the way out we stopped and talked to the owner for a while.  He was glad to see us, probably more so when he learned just why we passed up Cleland's in favor of The Bullet Stop.  Although the point that Big Mike made about Mister Customer Service of 2011 that 'serves' Cleland's customers is accurate and may well be the mitigating factor that prompts us to drive out to Graytown, there is something truly refreshing about the owner and the people there: They all mind there own damned business.  I like that about The Bullet Stop.


Momma Fargo said...

He meant BBQ gun would go well in the fire. Start over. Glock. Smith and Wesson. That's what Big Mike meant. LOL.

Good shootin', Tex...or should I say...Pimp Daddy?

Mad Jack said...

Pimp Daddy? Pimp Daddy? Remind me to post a photo of me while I'm stylin' at the range.