Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rant: TSA Thugs

In all reasonable probability most people have read the account of Shoshana Hebshi, a Toledo, Ohio area blogger who was seized by The Anointed One's fascist thugs because someone said that she'd been behaving suspiciously on a flight from Denver, Colorado to Detroit, Michigan.  Since We the People retain a limited version of the first amendment, Ms. Hebshi wrote about her account; Some Real Shock and Awe - Racially Profiled and Cuffed In Detroit.  Forbes magazine summarized the event: Woman shocked by being taken from plane in Detroit.  At this point the real question is, What are our elected officials in Washington D.C. going to do about it?

Applaud.  The government will applaud the oppressors and congratulate them on a job well done.  Outnumbering the criminals at least 100 to 1, government thugs from several branches managed to apprehend and maltreat a middle aged woman and two men, all of whom were later absolved of any wrongdoing.  According to the FBI, about 50 similar incidents occurred the same day as Ms. Hebshi was taken prisoner.

Ms. Hebshi contends that the real reason for her arrest was her race.  She is dark skinned, being half Arabic and half Jewish.  I think she's wrong about this.  Ms. Hebshi and the two other men arrested with her (who are of Indian heritage) were arrested and taken prisoner because the government can do so.  No more, no less.  Government workers enjoy making the monkeys jump.  It's fun, it breaks up an otherwise dull day and it's safe - the accused is always outnumbered many to one.  Although Ms. Hebshi was arrested because some anonymous bootlicker reported her behavior as suspicious which might have been prompted by her dark skin, the reaction and her treatment by government jack booted thugs was not.  They truly didn't care what color, shape or size she was.  She was their new rawhide chew toy.

As Shoshana Hebshi probably knows, her elected government weasels are Marcy Kaptur (D), Sherrod Brown (D) and Robert Portman (R).  Their silence on this abusive incident is not just deafening, but their failure to decry this abuse not only condones it but enthusiastically encourages the abusers.

We the People of the United States no longer live in a free nation.  We haven't lived in anything resembling a free nation for a long time, and it's just now beginning to become so completely evident that it can't be ignored.  What is worse is that a surprising number of people approve of being treated this way.  They approve of property seizure without due process, suppression and elimination of our civil rights and the militarization of the police force.  These are the worthless, the sheep, the sitcom set.  Give them revolving credit and a television situation comedy and they are completely quiescent - even when an event like this happens to them

For my part, I'm going to write to my elected government weasels and see what they intend to do to put a stop to this kind of thing.  I don't expect to get a result or a civil reply, but I'll write and protest anyway.  For now it's all I can do.


Stephanie Lorée said...

So, AFTER she had already landed, the TSA pulled her off the plane and strip-searched her?

What. The. Hell.

I can understand the questioning by the FBI, which she could have chosen to remain silent for, but a strip-search AFTER the fact? What does that achieve? That can't be legal in any way. Sure, they could have denied her the ability to get on the plane, but it doesn't sound like there was even an option, or that her options (her rights) were made clear to her.

If that were me, I would have raised holy hell. They'd have to take my clothes from my kicking, screaming body. And then, I'd file lawsuit.

Forgive the long comment, this is the first I've heard about this and I'm a bit irate.

Covnitkepr1 said...

Give him another 4 years and they'll be able to legally rape you as well.
I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower as well.

Mad Jack said...

No apology necessary, Stephanie. I'm late to the party, but there have been complications lately.

Yeah, they did, in fact, subject her to the third degree after the plane landed. And you're quite right about the TSA denying someone who wants to fly. Although who would want to these days comes down to the desperate, those who have no choice and the sheeple who really do want to be abused by authority figures - it makes everyone so much safer, and it's for the children!

For my part, I'd rather walk. I hope this outrage results in a lawsuit.

Stephanie Lorée said...

Unfortunately, I'm going to San Diego for a convention next month. Driving isn't an option. I'm looking forward to my authority abuse... No, not really.