Thursday, March 8, 2012

Events Around the Yard

Things haven't been going so well lately.  For openers, Que Bee One and Cottontail had to put their dog Banana Nose to sleep.  If you have a dog or a cat, you'll very likely outlive your best friend.  This doesn't make things any easier, but that's what you should be telling yourself before you adopt that dog you've always wanted.  Anyway, I was sorry to hear about Banana Nose.

Still on the subject of bad news the cat, Mojo, isn't doing well either.  I wrote about Mojo here: Of Dogs and Cats.  In Mojo's case he was adopted when his owners couldn't care for him, and he's had a very good life since then.

Then there's Zeus.

Zeus the Cat
You see, Zeus used to belong to Shotgun Bob, but when Bob had to relocate across the country he dropped Zeus off with Mom with the understanding that he'd be back to collect Zeus as soon as he found a place to live.  Shotgun Bob did come back, but Mom didn't feel like giving Zeus up.  So Zeus is still here.

This afternoon Mom wanted to see what this Kindle business was all about, so I showed Mom how to use my Kindle.  Mom immediately found a story she wanted to read.  Well, at least I know where my Kindle is - and I'm not taking Mom to the range.

Then I found something that cheered me up.

Have you ever been shooting and really doing pretty well, and you sight down the barrel, line the sights up and bring the front sight into focus, and then, just as you're putting that final gram of pressure on the trigger your nervous system shorts out and you flinch a little but you can't stop yourself from torching one off anyway, and now you've got four on target, one flyer and five in the magazine?  You know that feeling when the mind screams "don't shoot!!!" but it's too late?  Well, guns aren't the only thing that you can shoot that way...

Check out this post on DaddyBear's Den.  I've read it three times and laughed until I choked on my bourbon.  I really hope DaddyBear has a dog.


flask said...

hi. can you please publish a chart or something so whose of us with memory problems can refer to it so we can tell the players apart?

i'm having trouble keeping track of everybody and how they're related.

Mad Jack said...

Sure. Here's the link: Cast of Characters

The Old Man said...

Not sure that we get the best of the bargain if our furkids die first. The look on a dog's face after the human they've sworn fealty to has died/disappeared will rip your heart out.
Just my .02....