Friday, November 20, 2015

Free Beer!!!

About a week ago I got some email from Anthony Welsch over at Lucky Gunner, asking me if I'd like some free ammo for evaluation and review.  Naturally I thought the whole thing was a scam of some kind, but you never know...

Then I got some email requesting my address.  Now, given my political opinions and politically incorrect stance on just about everything, I am highly suspicious.  But then again, what if the illustrious Mr. Welsch is on the up and up?  Then I got a tracking number pointing to FedEx, which I checked once and came up with a 404 error.  Ah-ha! thinks I, this is a scam of some kind.  Then I checked the number again a few days later, and what do you know... there's supposed to be a package on my front porch.

Mystery Box
Naturally the FedEx delivery genius left it in plain sight camouflaged by dead oak leaves, and out in the rain.  Well, ammo is waterproof.  I just hope the cardboard on the ammo box didn't get soaked.  Let's see what's in the package.

From Lucky Gunner
Okay, hot damn, it's got a packing slip promising all kinds of Christmas goodies.  See?

Click to Enlarge
And, at the bottom of the box, wrapped up in packing material, are the promised boxes of range time happiness.

I'm headed out to my favorite range, Shooters of Maumee, this Saturday morning with a few people from a local message board - check out Toledo Talk Shoot.   In particular Solleks, from My Ride Along, said he'd show up if he can get time off for good behavior.  If he does, at least someone in the group will be able to hit the paper.

The next post will be a review of the ammunition, and will contain digital photos of my best efforts.


Unknown said...

Awesome to see they arrived in good shape. (Wish I could've sent some free beer as well - haha!)

CWMartin said...

Sure know how to pull someone into a post, lol!