Monday, September 4, 2017

Councilwoman Yvonne Harper Behaving Badly

Toledo city Clowncil Yvonne Harper open her fat mouth to the wrong person, and now she's on the ropes.  Again.

Poor Kaylee Shuff and a few co-workers made the mistake of serving Harper at the drive through window. Kaylee wrote about the incident on Facebook, and her post is going viral.
From Kaylee's FB site:

It's sad that a woman like this represents our city. She came through the drive thru at my work today and did nothing but insult and degrade us. There was no conflict prior to the comments she made, a coworker of mine was simply confused because she gave us the wrong amount of money. She then asked her about it so Yvonne replied with "what grade are you in, high school or grade school?" That's where I stepped in and explained why she was confused, but Yvonne proceeded to say stuff along the lines of "you're all unintelligent" and "learn how to do math," when her total was $7.70 and she handed us $10.25. After taking many of these comments with a smile on my face I broke and began to defend myself, she then stated that's she was very important and that we wouldn't hear the end of this. She handed us her card that stated she was a city councilwomen, as if that justifies her actions. This woman is nothing but a bully in my eyes.
Edit: The point of this post was not to bash her. I just don't understand why someone would be so rude to working teenagers when we were just trying to do our job.

Yvonne Harper - District 4
What the kids needed was Fred Reed, Kim du Toit, or maybe Law Dog.  Someone who has a lot of experience dealing with hubristic bullies.  Harper's response?

Harper's Response
I wish they would have thought to record their exchange on video, then turned that one loose on the Internet.  Naturally, the SJWs, moonbats, and the Democratic political party all think Harper is completely justified in ridiculing a group of white teenagers who are working for a living.

Reading her account, I'm reminded of a menial job I had back in the twilight zone bad old days and encountered a problem customer.  I served her, then told her not to come back.  She just wasn't all that important to me.  And, well, she wasn't, and that was the last I heard about that situation.

Until the population of Toledo, Ohio starts electing public servants and ceases to elect nasty little racist dictators like Harper, the gravel pit is going to remain the gravel pit.


Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
--Before looking up her picture, I formed an opinion, based on the manner in which she had conducted herself w/ the drive thru situation...and I was right once again.
--Yep, another ethnic leftard with too much "blacktitude".
And we're told that racism only seems to occur with whites on blacks...PUH-LEASE.
It's a TWO-WAY STREET, and this self-serving hussy seems to be driving right down the middle of
(too damn typical).
--Talk about black privilege (here), hmm?
She needs to get herself a REAL job.

Good story.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I take it from Bob's comment that she is yet another ethnic "empowered and entitled" type who think's she's the Rev. Jackson's second cousin or something. Just shows you how deep their tolerance and kindness rhetoric really runs.

Glen Filthie said...

Yup. I could hear the 'Gabba gabba weebeejabba' going on right over the internet, all the way up here in Edmonton.

Mad Jack said...

There's a local message board that has a thread about this, and some of the comments are worth reading. Check Toledo Talk - Councilwoman Harper at it again as it amuses you to do so.

The "woman"'s ignorance and stupidity are surpassed only by her arrogance and racial prejudice. I hope she loses the next election.

Mad Jack said...

And by the way, my thanks to all of you for reading and sharing your comments.

Old NFO said...

Hopefully that 'arrogance' comes back to bite her in the butt at election time!

Mamandretti said...

As long as non-voters think local elections do not matter and stay home, this will continue to happen. It ALL starts here!

Mad Jack said...

You're right about that one, Unknown. If you're a citizen or a property owner, you have a responsibility to understand the issues and the candidates, and a responsibility to vote in every single election.