Saturday, September 2, 2017

Gun Question

I got this photo from Glen Filthie over at Filthie's Thunderbox. I think it's cool looking, but when I asked what kind of gun it was all I got was dead digital silence - not even crickets.  I suppose it's possible he's ignoring me, but it's equally likely he doesn't know, and rather than admit his ignorance and have everyone know for sure, he's elected to remain silent and leave some room for doubt.

As if there is any.

Mystery Gun

I have no idea what sort of pistol this is, but I'd like to know.  Would someone please enlighten me?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Schwarzlose Model 1900 (1901) pistol.
Toggle action, similar to Luger.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks Ed. Nice pistol, but not $30 large nice.

Bob G. said...

Never even HEARD of that (obviously FORMER) company, and it's not even listed in my Encyclopedia of Firearms (go figure).
Thought it might have been a Borchardt or even a Rheinmetall, but nope.
While it's a semi-cool collector piece, at that price, it's not THAT cool...heh.
(I'll take a vintage Colt 1911 any day)

Roll safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

Yeah, I'm kinda with you, Bob. It would be nice to have one, but only so I could sell it and buy other stuff.