Thursday, September 14, 2017

Unpopular Opinion

My Internet friend Got A Beating Over At WC's..., which, in my own arrogant opinion, he didn't deserve.  Over half of the guys that post over there are bullshit artists anyway, and one reader actually called 'em on it.  He was ignored.

The whole thing started in the comments section for the post Daddy whips a wienie wagger’s ass, which he does.  Just watch the video.

One reader pointed out that the ass whippin' in question was more show than go, and I agree with him.  The pervert in question got up, dressed himself, and walked away.  Watch MMA sometime and do a comparison.  Meantime, one reader (clearly a journalist after my own heart) had this to say to the illustrious Glen Filthie, and I kind of think it deserves a place on my blog.  Keep reading for an opinion that is a bit milder than my own.

I'm in a foul humor today, however...

The mentally ill are the most vulnerable segment of society. After that come the mentally retarded. You can read all about the levels of retardation in 4 Levels of Mental Retardation. The vast majority of this group are just slow and would strike you as not being too bright. The group that you encountered are likely a combination of mentally ill and retarded. They need a keeper, and they're harmless.

As to why they are the way they are, I don't know. Read 1 Corinthians 15 for a little insight, and remember the old saying "There but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford", in reference to a group of prisoners being led to execution. Ironically, Bradford was executed by the Catholic Church for being a Protestant.

The pervert that received a class A ass whipping is almost beyond the shadow of any doubt not mentally retarded or profoundly mentally ill. In plain speak, the color of the sky in his world is the same color you see when you look up. My reasoning is based on the way he moved and acted; he's not clumsy, nor is he listening to 'voices' the rest of us can't hear. There was a similar case in Toledo back in the 1990s involving Pastor Pitts, who got arrested for playing Nature Boy on a major roadway during the morning rush hour. Pitts, by the way, is the head Pastor of a mega-church in the Toledo area.

What the crowd over at Knuckle Draggin' is complaining about is that the father who delivered the beat down could be arrested for felonious assault, which is no small deal. Mounting a defense can easily cost over $50,000, and even if the jury finds you not guilty in 10 minutes, you still get arrested and spend a certain amount of time in the hoosegow, which is surely undeserved in this case. The smartest move this man made is not kicking his opponent when the perv was down - that kind of behavior will get your ass in a sling. And let us not forget civil court, where some ambulance chaser will take the case for a cut of the profits.

And so it goes. It's a quarter to six, and I'm going to start happy hour.

As for me (Mad Jack, your arrogant host), I think I'll start happy hour as well.  Dinner is going to be pizza and wings, washed down with some hard cider.

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