Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Incredible Ignorance on the Left

Maybe I should have titled this one, Moonbat Mayhem.  Read at your own risk.  Not safe for consumption if you're a thin-skinned liberal looking for a fight.  I don't fight fair and I like it.

In my secret, alternate life where I'm known as a temperate, congenial, moderate sort of senior citizen who may be a bit demented but whose heart is in the right place, I have a cousin whom we'll call Happy Flute, who has a husband, Gong (an inscrutable oriental, he's absolute hell with a rifle and iron sights at 150 yards, off hand standing).  Together they have children (that kind of thing will happen if you're not careful - you know, careful?), one of whom is in college and is a communistic, gun hating lefty. I'm damned if I know why, as Happy Flute and Gong are gun owners, shootists, and believe in stocking their own freezer with meat and fish.  Well... anyway.  We'll call the young man Gabriel.  I've met him, and he's articulate, intelligent, and well educated - but he's wrong headed.  The other day he posted something on FuckBook that I couldn't understand until I had another drink and gave it careful consideration.

Political Agitation Picture

Some high school kids are making a lot of noise and commotion.  I think it's likely they're being funded by Soros and company, who are probably contributing to their leadership through a series of buffers. You know, buffers.  Right?

So this picture is posted, the idea being that the founders of the United States were young during the Revolutionary War.  But, see, the thing is that no one thought to read a bio about these men.  Which, if you're reading my blog, you probably don't need to do unless you want a few specifics.

Taken from the top row, they are:

Marquis de Lafayette, Real name Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, Marquis de La Fayette (September 6, 1757 - May 20, 1834). Allied with the revolutionaries during the Revolutionary War, he was a close friend of George Washington and named his first son after Washington.
James Monroe, (April 28, 1758 - July 4, 1831) President of the U.S. March 4, 1817 – March 4, 1825.  Fought in the Revolutionary war, he was cited for bravery by George Washington.
Henry Lee III, (January 29, 1756 - March 25, 1818) Father of Robert E. Lee. Called 'Light Horse Harry' for his riding abilities, he developed the founding tactics of guerrilla warfare during the Revolutionary War.
Nathan Hale, (June 6, 1755 - September 22, 1776). He worked as a spy for the Revolutionaries. His final words were, "I only regret, that I have but one life to lose for my country."
Aaron Burr, (February 6, 1756 – September 14, 1836). Served as Vice President during Thomas Jefferson's first term. Implicated in some very questionable political chicanery including denying Manhattan a clean water system, he was dropped by Jefferson in the next election. He ran for Governor of New York and lost badly to an unknown candidate. He blamed a lot of his problems on Alexander Hamilton, whom he challenged to a duel (dueling was illegal, punishable by death) and then killed Hamilton with a single shot to the midsection. Indicted for murder, Burr fled the area until the heat died down, then returned to D.C. and finished out his term. He was never brought to trial.
Alexander Hamilton, (January 11, 1757 - July 12, 1804). Served with George Washington during the Revolutionary War as one of Washington's aides-de-camp. Desirous of military glory, he threatened to resign unless he was given a command, which Washington acceded to near the end of the war. Hamilton was successful, returning with his shield (not on it). When challenged to a duel by Aaron Burr, he unwisely accepted and was summarily killed by a gunshot to the midsection. Death was not instantaneous, as Hamilton lasted about one day in what must have been terrible agony somewhat muted by opium.

All these men had several things in common: They were always armed, and the arms they carried were not for show. They were genuinely tough individuals, and they went to war knowing, right up front, what was likely to happen to you if you were wounded.

These men are being held up as revolutionary activist heroes (which they were) by a group of students that know nothing about their lives, what their daily life was like, or what they accomplished and why. These are the heroes of the anti-gun crowd.

Their ignorance is astounding.


CWMartin said...

But their inconsistencies are consistant...

Mad Jack said...

Yeah, you're right. I'll give 'em that.

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---Now this comparison with those young'uns of 1776 is BRILLIANT.
---I admire the fact that you mention their AGES...that's a big deal when taking into context the "revolutionary" spirit(?) of today's kids (who know less after college than those from 1776 knew by the 6th grade.
---And let's not forget that the REAL purpose of this whole protest is NOT about kids...all you have to do is see WHO is "sponsoring" these high-schoolers, and WHO shows up (the actual percentage of teens at these protests are marginal at best - in the less than 20% range).

Very good post.

Roll safe out there.

Glen Filthie said...

The kids cannot be blamed. The responsibility for this crap lies squarely with us older farts. I tell people at every opportunity, whoever will listen - if your kid is in public school, he isn't being educated, he's being INDOCTRINATED.

One tactic I like employing against my young moral and intellectual superiors is attacking their heroes. Did you know that Che Guevera executed homos just for being queer? Did you know that socialists killed more Jews than Fascists ever did? Did you know that 5 years before Hitler came to power, people were literally starving to death and most everyone else was living well below today's poverty line? How would you feel, living in conditions like that? What would you think if a man came along that put the nation back to work, and had the country flying the most advanced fighter planes over a new Olympic stadium a mere five years later? A man that made it possible for you to have a good job, and even a car?

Kids have problems with history because their idiot teachers don't even bother trying to give them a context to understand it from. (Most are ahistorical dullards and children themselves, to be honest). They can tell you that Bush=Hitler and that there were no WMD's in Iraq - and they're dumbfounded when I inform them that yes, there were SO WMD's in Iraq, that we sold them to Saddam Hussein and that he used them on the Kurds.
Kids know it all - so you have to teach them by asking them questions which in turn will cause them to question themselves.

Mad Jack said...

Bob, Glen:

Thanks. You guys nailed it.

One of my distant ancestors was with General Washington at Valley Forge during the winter, and wrote about it. People froze to death, you were always hungry, but no one had any doubt they were doing the right thing - and were quick to point out that not everyone agreed with the Revolution.

My ancestor stayed alive one night by staying awake and walking around to keep himself awake. Washington did the same, and so did other men. Now that, my friends, is tough.

I can't imagine those young, foolish protestors being thrown into a situation like that. They'd die due to the hardship of daily life.