Thursday, October 4, 2018

Commercial Message from Widener's

I got this in my email today.  I haven't read my email in a few days, so it's a bit out of date.  Still and all, the advertisement is supposed to earn me a $25 gift certificate - hey, who can't use $25 worth of ammo, right? - and a chance to win free ammunition for one year.  Whatever that may mean.

Here's a copy of the email Jacob sent me.

Hi Jack,

I’m Jacob from Widener’s. In honor of our new blog launching, we are hosting our very first giveaway contest exclusively for bloggers. Since we both view the 2nd Amendment as a right I thought you’d be interested in participating and I should reach out with an invite.

What is our contest about? It’s easy! We are giving away “Free Ammo For A Year” to one lucky Widener’s fan. To win all they have to do is subscribe to our blog newsletter by following the link below:

So, what’s in it for you as a blogger?

We want you to share our contest with your audience, It’s that simple! Sharing our contest automatically gets you a $25 gift card from Widener’s and enters you in a grand-prize drawing to win a $1,000 Widener’s gift card! To qualify for the gift card and contest you must share the Widener’s “Free Ammo For A Year” contest with your blog audience by Friday, October 5th, 2018. The grand-prize winner will be notified after October 31st, 2018.

While you're at it, stop by and check out the new Widener’s blog. We hope our new blog will serve as a resource for our customers who share our passion for shooting, hunting and the freedom of the great outdoors. We are committed to helping our customers get as much enjoyment as they can out of the shooting sports we all love. We are hopeful this journey will be a fun experience that even seasoned shooters will get valuable information from as we continue to grow.

If you think this sounds worthy of your time and trouble, and would like to receive your free gift card, just let me know you’re in and we’ll send along the gift card ASAP. From there, we’ll enter you in the big blogger only gift card drawing that will take place October 31st.

If you have questions about the contest, or if you would like to have some free ammo to review, let me know! 

Being hungover and not terribly bright, I snapped up the bait and checked out the sight.  It isn't bad.  They're just getting started and could use a little extra traffic and a few suggestions.  The articles are okay, but they could use a few more pix.

My suggestion is that if you want to increase traffic, include pictures of red hot women, liquor, and guns that most of us will never be able to afford.  For a little diversion, point to a few decent blogs that deal with guns and the Second Amendment.


CWMartin said...

You have a gift for marketing...

Mad Jack said...

Thanks CW.