Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Quora Question: Will it be ok to become a dancer if I am a transgender man?

I would say no.  No, it isn’t acceptable to become a dancer if you are a transgender man.  I say this for two reasons:

1. Dancing is an art form that requires a lot of passion and self-expression. People who succeed at dance are invariably sensitive and emotionally brittle. They don’t bend, but they do tend to break easily.

2. The world in general isn’t ready for an artist like you. You’ll draw unreasonable criticism from critics who know little to nothing about dance, but who know a vulnerable target when they see one. Even with a solid emotional support network, you’ll be under severe emotional strain and it will affect your dancing.

Best of luck to you.

What I didn't say on Quora:

If you were just an average, everyday, door knob sucking, bull dyke fearing faggot, I'd tell you that your question was the stupidest thing I've seen in a month of Sundays.  The area of dance, dance studios, and dance productions are loaded with faggots.  You'd fit right in.  Just remember to bring your membership button, official thermos and lunchbox, and don't forget to give the secret handshake at the door.

But, well, since I don't know just what the fuck you are, the answer to your question is: I don't know.  You might be on your way to becoming a dancer, and some other faggot tries giving you the secret handshake in the locker room and the poor little fucker can't tell just what he's got hold of.  That could be traumatic for everyone.

So until you find out just what you are, confine your antics to marching in the gay pride parade where ever you think you'll fit in.

We'll see how long this question and answer stays up on Quora.  Me, I'm betting that it gets taken down within a week.


CWMartin said...

I kept thinking of the story an old boss told me, you prolly know one just like it too. Strip bar, hot chick, drunk and horny, until he saw "her" five o'clock shadow, then the bell rang and the ref counted her KOed.

Mad Jack said...

Yeah, like that.

The question is gone, by the way. I didn't think it would last long.

Anonymous said...

LGBTQ = let God burn them quickly

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
I think it's destined to fail...wonderfully,.
I was going to mention the biology of what makes a good dancer (male versus female), but I thought about how well Jean Claude Van Damme could do splits...and figured "nah"...heh.

Roll safe.