Monday, September 3, 2018

Sexual Harassment

Photo courtesy of AP Press via Page Six

Aretha Franklin (March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018) died recently, and Motown gave her a real sendoff.  The funeral service lasted eight hours and change, and if you were deep in Left field and were anybody, you were invited to attend.  Somebodies sat up front, friends of somebodies got the second row, and so on - all the way back to the nosebleed seats on the sidewalk outside.  Well, that's Detroit for you.  They really know how to do a send off in Detroit.

A few hours into the service noted vocalist and nuevo moonbat personality Ariana Grande got up and performed (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.   After she took a bow and dropped the mic, she went over to join the emcee, Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, who put his arm around her and copped a feel.  An extended feel.

I saw a photo of it, and I truly believed that the photo had to be photoshopped.

I was wrong.

Photo courtesy of AP Press via Page Six

Here, for all the world with a connection to the Internet to see, is Bishop Charles H. Ellis III sliding his too-friendly arm around vocalist Ariana Grande, and blatantly groping her right breast in the process.  This is not an accident, and it's not acceptable.

The man groping Ariana Grande is Bishop Charles H. Ellis III of the Greater Grace Temple, a megachurch in Detroit.  Should you want to write to the church and share your thoughts about this bishop and his behavior, here's the address: Greater Grace Temple, 23500 W Seven Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48219.

Since he got caught, Good Time Charlie has since apologized for his accidental behavior, which according to him he wasn't aware of at the time.  In an interview, Ellis said, “It would never be my intention to touch any woman’s breast.”

And right there is where I stopped listening.  This man is a liar.  This is a long way from his first rodeo.  He's done this so often it's a part of his everyday life, and he gets away with it.

My thought is that the victims have to do something.  They have to voice some kind of objection, and it has to happen at the time of the offense.  Ariana Grande could have casually reached up and moved his hand to a more appropriate position.  She could have also reacted with some disdain over his 'Taco Bell' comment and refused to hug him.  For whatever unknown reasons, she did none of these things.  Had she done something, anything, to object, she'd find support.

I hear quite a bit in the news about sexual harassment (which this is not), and sexual assault, which is what this is.  There's probably a few more crimes going on as well.  Me, I'm all set to defend a woman from anyone who would commit an assault or worse against her.  What I am not willing to do is pursue some meathead with Roman hands just because I saw him copping a feel or grabbing an ass.  The victim has to say something, and she has to mean it.  In this case, everyone and their extended family is all set to crucify this no account sky pilot, but notice that Ariana isn't objecting and hasn't said much about the attention.  What's up with that?  Unless, of course, she didn't object at all for obvious reasons.

I also looked at the front row crowd and saw a row of moral lepers, hate mongers, and race baiters.  Okay, 'nuff said.

You can read the entire article at Aretha Franklin Funeral Bishop Apologizes to Ariana Grande as it amuses you to do so.


Beans said...

Maybe he and Joe Biden can make a run for the Presidency as the "Double Grope Gang."

Despicable. But not un-expected.

Ed Bonderenka said...

She's on the plantation.
Can't complain.

Glen Filthie said...

Sinful behaviour is not sinful when liberals do it.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I agree with you all, but I'm disappointed that these public figures couldn't behave themselves during a funeral.

Beans said...

What's so surprising? They, with very few exceptions, couldn't keep their hands or eyes to themselves, couldn't keep politics out of an a-political situation. And made the funerals about themselves, not the deceased.

Leftists gonna leftist, so to speak.

What's sad about Ms. Franklin's funeral was one brave preacher got up and told the truth about everything, speaking much on topics that Aretha supported and believed in, and got dogged down for it.

Leftists are like crap in water. No matter how little, it's still crappy water.

Mad Jack said...

You got it Beans. There are many people in attendance who actually believe that they, personally, are the reason so many people showed up, and now they have to speak to all the eager listeners.

Crap in the water. I like it.