Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hate Speech From the Feminazi Left

I have a first cousin once removed who we'll call TroubledClef.  He's a music major somewhere in the loony Left and will make his living by teaching music to the underprivileged but oh so talented public school children.  He's a senior and is just now realizing that starting a brand new career at twenty-something, with no experience, and $150,000 in school loan debt might be a bit of a bitch.

Politically, socially, and philosophically, TroubledClef is so far to the left that his back is resting against the fence.  But not to worry, as they'll move it soon, and so very sorry for your discomfort and confusion, but being male we understand that you can't help yourself.

A bit like being mentally retarded.  He can't help himself, poor thing.

Thing indeed.

Being incurably meddlesome and easily roused to irritation, I occasionally read his FB page and cannot resist kicking over the hornet's nest.  I'm immune to the hornet stings of the Left, having the hide of a rhino and the heart of a mortgage lender - a Republican mortgage lender - so whatever transpires doesn't affect me.  My somewhat caustic comments aren't driving him to think, which is a real shame because the young man isn't dumb, he's just wrong headed.

Then I found this crap on his page and I vehemently objected.

Hate Speech
More Hate Speech
This is directed at me, and people like me.  Both inspire a good fisking, but I have neither the time nor the self-control.

During my entire working career, I've found that the only thing worse than working with a group of women is working with a bunch of faggots.  Gay guys.  And working for a woman manager?  Forget it.  You'll never get a fair shake.  Yes, there are exceptions, but these women are incredibly rare.  I should know.  I've met a few, and none of them wasted their time with propaganda like the incredible waste of bandwidth above.

The hell with it.  I'm going to take apart the second example anyway.  As contributed by gem at vegbby, which is somewhere in the UK.  Just wait until this self-important little twit tries to educate a half-dozen Muslim refugees about women's rights.

You interrupted me.  I'm not finished talking.
It's been twenty minutes and you have yet to say anything remotely intelligent, let alone offer a solution that will begin to work.  Your time ran out fifteen minutes ago - shut up and sit down.

Fine.  I'm headed out to the club.  See you in the morning!

That isn't funny.
Then why is everyone laughing?

That isn't appropriate.
We speak plain English here, and we call a spade a spade.  If you don't like it, move along.

I already know that.
You might think so, but you don't know the truth.  I'm trying my best to enlighten you so that you'll stop sounding like a brainless fluff chick and be able to take part in the conversation.

That won't be necessary.
It's an offer to help.  It's considerate and polite, but in the future rest assured that you'll be on your own.

Leave me alone.
No problem.  Believe me, it'll be a relief.

You're making me uncomfortable.
So what?  This may come as a shock, but your personal comfort is not high on my list of priorities this week.  Next week isn't looking good either.

Stop ignoring what I'm saying.
Then say something intelligent or mildly interesting.  All you do is babble and yammer about what you would do, how you feel, and why some remote societal situation is completely wrong.  Do you want to be taken seriously?  Wise up, grow a pair, and say what you mean in 25 words or less.

Propaganda and hate speech from the Lunatic Left.  Where would we be without it?


Old NFO said...

We'd be in a better place, and he better hope he works out a GOOD repayment plan, otherwise I hope he likes Ramen noodles for the next 15 years.

Glen Filthie said...

I’ve found that when estrogen rears it’s ugly head in the workplace, you have to step on it hard. I won’t taunt or bait a woman in the workplace but I won’t take shit off them either. And I would NEVER work for a queer. The stuff those idiots do in the bedroom almost invariably ends up in the classrooms, the washrooms, the boardrooms and eventually the courtroom. There’s tomes when a fella’s better off looking for a real job.

Mad Jack said...

Old NFO: It's a bit late for him, but my nephew Albert has a plan to get his college education without taking out student loans. He's only 16, but he's doing pretty well.

Glen: You sure got that right. I don't play games at work, and I don't tolerate them well.