Friday, November 9, 2018

World War 2 War Heros: Joachim Rønneberg

Ex-Main Lady sent me a copy of her svensk nyhetsbrev (Swedish newsletter), which had an article about WWII Norwegian hero Joachim Holmboe Rønneberg who passed away October 21st, 2018.

Joachim Rønneberg sabotaged Vemork, the hydroelectric power plant located outside Rjukan in Tinn, Norway, which was controlled by the Nazis and was being used to manufacture heavy water.  This sabotage prevented the Nazis from developing the atomic bomb before the United States did.  Unlike the U.S., the Nazis had a delivery system before the end of the war, and could have easily won WWII with their version of the atomic bomb.  Joachim and his team prevented that from happening.

From the article in the newsletter:
In 1943, Nazi Germany was close to building the world's first atomic bomb using a key ingredient, heavy water, produced at a hydroelectric plant deep in a fjord in southern Norway. Because the plant was heavily defended, Rønneberg's five-member team dropped at midnight by parachute into a mountaintop blizzard, met up with four other resistance fighters, and crosscountry skied 40 miles to the site in subzero winter. The plant was surrounded by mine fields, and a suspension bridge, the only way in, was too heavily guarded. Their only hope was to climb an insurmountable icy 500- foot cliff in the middle of the night. At the top, the team snuck in at guardchange, set explosives with only 30-second fuses, and narrowly escaping to the mountains as explosions crippled the heavy water plant. The saboteurs skied their getaway 200 miles to neutral Sweden without losing a single man. A previous attempt the year before had resulted in the loss of all 41 men when their gliders crashed and Nazis executed survivors. He led other resistance missions in Norway before returning to his home town of Ålesund. He married in 1949. He was awarded Norway's highest military honor, the War Cross With Sword, and the Distinguished Service Order in Britain.

Reading about his team's adventure, these men were Olympic class athletes with a skill set that they had to begin acquiring when they were children.  I think they also had Divine intervention, as they parachuted into their destination in the middle of the night, in the middle of a blizzard.  Read the whole thing; it's a worthy read.

I read about people like this, and I wonder where they came from.  Joachim never talked about his war experiences until late in life.  Obviously the war wasn't much fun, but by his own admission Joachim didn't expect anything else except hardship.  He and his team didn't worry about their own safety, they just worried about getting the job done.  They didn't understand how important it was until much later in life.  They just did their job without complaint.

I look around today and I wonder a little about where our society is and what we've come to.  I hear boom cars drive by my home all the time playing 'music' that amounts to black people chanting about how much fun it is to kill white people.  The Columbus PD refuses to do anything about this, in spite of the noise ordinance that's being violated.

This Sunday is Veteran's Day, but our local government isn't holding the Veteran's Day parade on Sunday - they decided that Friday morning would be a better time, so this year's parade will be held Friday morning when children are in school and normal people are at work.  The official time is Friday, November 9th, 2018 from 9:00 AM until 1:30 PM.  Note that the city of Columbus held the gay pride parade on Saturday (June 17th) from 10:30 AM until whenever.  So I guess the LG-whatever the hell they are parade is more important to the slime bags that run the city of Columbus.

Then we have another attack by a deranged man armed with a .45 pistol, who goes to a large country western bar and opens fire.  He kills 12, wounds 1, and 15 others are injured trying to get away from him.  The political Left screams for more gun laws, completely ignoring the laws that have been broken - premeditated murder, for one - and the failure of the laws in and of themselves to prevent this kind of attack from happening.  The gunman, who I refused to name, took his own life before police could shoot or capture him.

I do not, by the way, blame the police for this.  They got to the scene as quickly as they could, rushed inside, and one police officer who was literally days away from retirement was shot and killed.  He leaves behind a wife and child, and any number of friends and family.

The moonbats are screaming bloody blue murder over the last election, and Florida is headed for a mandatory recount and a very possible voter scandal.  I can tell you something about Florida and elections from personal experience.  I was living in Jacksonville when Bush was elected, and prior to the election there was all kinds of rabble rousing talk about denying people their 'right' to vote - mainly in the black sections of the city.  One incident stands out.

Bright and early on election day, the line starts forming outside the polling location.  The big glass doors to the polling place are locked, and potential voters can clearly see the staff inside.  They appear to be working, or maybe not.  The people outside start knocking on the doors; they want in.  The staff isn't ready yet, and ignores them.  Does anyone see where this is headed?

The knocking continues until one worker responds, stating that they aren't open yet.  Words are exchanged through the thick glass barrier, until the inevitable happens.  The workers state that they will open when they feel like it and suggest that the porch monkeys outside chill the fuck out.  The people outside go nuts, and the Jax PD shows up.  In force.  Instead of throwing water on the fire, the PD resorts to using gasoline, the commercial news media shows up late to the party, and the polling place doesn't open until things settle down - 10:00 AM or so.  Mind you, this happened some years back, but in Jax things don't change all the quickly.

I'm old.  My hope is to make it to the bell without having to be warehoused due to health reasons (mental health included).  I'm seeing a division in society that I never really thought would occur, and if we believe commercial media, this division is accompanied by violence.

I'm just a little worried.

Thanks for reading.


CWMartin said...

The Norway story I knew from watching one of the many WWII stories out there. The J-ville story I did not, but am not surprised.

Mad Jack said...

Yeah, good old Jax. I got off at the wrong exit once, and resolved to get my FL CCW license and never be without my pistol again. This was in the middle of the afternoon.

I think there was a lot more to the story than anyone was willing to tell about. Standing behind what amounts to bullet resistant glass and having a group of blacks pounding on the doors and yelling racist insults, what do you really think happened? One group fed off the other, and heaven help us all.

Glen Filthie said...

The Dark Enlightenment proceeds apace. I think we can all agree now that Whitey is not what’s wrong with the world. We are closing rapidly on the next epiphany:we are going to have to do something about the things that are.