Thursday, April 11, 2019

Ess Oh Ess - Card or Two Wanted

I occasionally scan through a social media platform called Next Door, mainly because it costs nothing and every once in a while I get some news about crime, taxation, and how our lunatic fringe lefty local government is giving me the shaft.  It always cheers me up to know that I'm not alone.

The other day I stumbled across a message from some well-meaning good Samaritan, and decided to help out a little.

Here's the message from Ms. Samaritan:

Eva's been housebound since early January when she got a kidney transplant. Eva just turned 11, and she is in fifth grade. Doctors do not want her around anyone who might be contagious. I sent her a card and it made her day to get mail. Help bring a smile to her face. Just mail her a card to:
1912 STATE ROUTE 256

I don't know any of these people, and I don't eat at Culver's. That being the case, this poor kid is having a hard time of it.  She's recovering from surgery and has been confined to quarters since January.  They don't want money, all they want is a 'get well' card.

A card?  That's it?

So I sent her two get well cards and a letter, and if she's somewhat cheered by my gesture, so much the better. 

My request is simple.  If any of you casual readers would send this child a get well card, I will raise a glass in your honor and give you a tip of the old fedora.  I'm thinking that the further away you live, the better she'll like it - distance being a sort of modifier to the marginal utility of the card.  See?

Okay Ladies and Gents - one card from the dollar store, one stamp from wherever, and that's that.  My thanks in advance.


glasslass said...

My hubby was on the same transplant list but because of other health issues was not eligible. So glad she received one and her card will go out in the mail tomorrow. Also a Veteran by the name of Recil Troxel is hoping for cards for his 93rd b'day which is April 17th. @ 2684 North Highway 81, Marlow, Ok., 73055.

CWMartin said...

Card is bought and will be sent out soon! BTW, Culvers is great. Cheese Curds!!!

Old NFO said...

Will do!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I think I will. And I love Culvers.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks Guys 'n Gals, Ladies and Gents, Dames and Messieurs. One medium size female is going to be very surprised and happy.

Me, I'm sending out a birthday card to an old-timer who probably doesn't get around as easily as he used to, and I'm sending another card to the kid, Eva.