Tuesday, April 9, 2019

When a Free Country is No Longer Free

Some well meaning soul included me on his spam list, and as a result I fat-fingered the keyboard and ended up running this video instead of deleting it.  I'm kind of glad that I did.

For those of you who have never heard of her, and up until today I hadn't, Lauren Southern is a red hot blonde from Canada who is also a decent journalist.  If you believe her website, she reports on the stories that commercial media refuses to cover, or that commercial media lies about.

Like Muslim violence in Australia, for instance.

Keep reading for an option on two outstanding videos and an islamophobic, misanthropic rant by yours truly.  Warning: If you're a thin skinned perpetually pissed off little snow flake, better take a pass on this one - you'll be terminally offended.

I think Australia started out as a penal colony where those tea slurping lime juicers sent their undesirables.  Eventually there was a revolt of some kind, and the last I knew it was a sort of live and let live place.  If you weren't an abo, anyway.  The abos had a bad time of it, and someone made a film about it called Rabbit-Proof Fence.  If you ever get the chance, rent it and watch it.  It's pretty much a true story and a decent film into the bargain.

Getting back to my original rant, Australia used to be thought of as a free country, but that was sometime back.  Now it looks like things are getting worse.

The first video was made by Lauren Southern and published on 7/27/2018.  It shows the journalist and her camera crew walking close to the Muslim 'no go' zone, a neighborhood called Lakemba, which is in south-western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.  The border of Lakemba is protected by the official law enforcement officers in Sydney.

Australia is no longer a free country.

This, right here, is how it starts.  The carpet kissers moved in, all nods and smiles, and established Little Baghdad.  Now they aren't so friendly.  In fact, the cops are keeping the Christians out of the area for fear of a disturbance.  If you believe the cop, that is.

If this hasn't happened in the United States, it's only because someone like Lauren hasn't found and documented it yet.


CWMartin said...

"Your attendance might cause them to be..." BS. Either you are the problem or they are. If they come at you for walking, THEY are the problem. Funny, I was just ranting to Bobby G about if dog owners know their dog is likely to attack you if you pass their house on a public street, the owner needs to put up a FENCE around the DOG. Not a barricade on the road.

These people are so fricking assinine...

Glen Filthie said...

The cop was right. A muzzie neighbourhood is no place for a white woman. I've seen enough pics of pretty girls getting their heads hacked off by moslem animals, thank you very much.

Mad Jack said...

CW: Exactly. It's your dog, put up a suitable fence around your yard and keep the gate closed. In this case, the towel heads should be locked up and deported.

Glen: So why didn't he say so? His speech should have gone something on the order of, "Ma'am, it's worth your life to walk down that street without an armed escort. The place is full of sand monkeys who are just waiting to lay violent hands upon you and your little group of namby-pamby land runaways. They'll beat you, rape both you and the little boys, then decapitate you and stick your heads on parking meters. Since guns and self-defense are illegal in this country, and I don't have the manpower or the cojones to provide you with an armed escort, why don't you just give the whole business up as a bad deal."

Bob G. said...

Aussieland is getting a taste of Paris (which has it's OWN camel-jockey towel-head districts that tourists are WARNED against visiting).
You're right...this is EXACTLY how this crap starts.
It's fine to LIKE everyone, but when it comes to TRUSTING them...that's a whole other animal.
(little wonder this kind of thing takes place.)
People that have no desire to properly assimilate into a culture they move into should be kept at arm's length, and for good reason.
They want to remake another culture into an adjunct of THEIR OWN...not goo.

Mad Jack said...

BobG: So I've read, but the coverage isn't all it should be.