Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Advice Wanted: Response to Disgusting Story

I have a friend in Cleveland who, for reasons associated with dementia and drunkenness, hit me with this question the other day.  I knew what I might say, but advising him on what to say is a different matter.  One that requires diplomacy and a kind, considerate demeanor.

If you're a thin skinned politically correct special little snowflake, I'm warning you right up front that it's hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell below the fold.  Keep reading and you'll end up a tiny puddle of water with a permanently bent mind.

The rest of you, keep going.  It's business as usual.

My buddy, we'll call him... fuck it, I don't know what to call him.  Names won't come to me just now.  Okay, we'll call him Hosehead until I can think of something better.

My buddy Hosehead is a published writer and I guess he's pretty good at it.  Anyway, he belongs to a writing group which has one faggot in it.  This poof stops short of wearing eye shadow in public, and I don't even want to think any further than that.  The deal is that the group is made up of five or so women writers, all of whom are straight middle of the road types.  They tolerate the poof really well, and Hosehead was able to ignore HimHerIt until the other day.

The deal is everyone in the group submits something for review.  Short story, one chapter of a book, that kind of thing.  Then they read each other's work well before the meeting, then they get together and talk about each persons work.  What they liked, what they didn't like, help with punctuation, past and dangling participles, all that stuff.  And up until now, the Poof's stuff has been easily ignored.  It wasn't bad, it wasn't good, and it wasn't over the top screaming queen homosexual.

Until now.

Now the Poof writes a short story that's a long distance telephone conversation between two queers who are gossiping about their husbands.  That's what the poof calls them.  So Hosehead reads the story and gets sick to his stomach.  The thing literally makes him feel ill.  He hates it.

I've read the story in question, and it is pretty sick.  It isn't x-rated or anything, but the conversation between the two makes me wish I hadn't read it.   Technically, it isn't bad, and if you could ignore the whole faggot business, you'd probably think it was okay.  But I couldn't, Hosehead couldn't, and it isn't okay.

The dilemma is that Hosehead has to attend the meeting and say something about the story.  I made a few suggestions, but he nixed 'em because he doesn't want to offend the rest of the group, nor does he want to appear to be exactly what he is - a straight guy that hates effeminate, ostentatious, and pretentious homosexual men, who, by their actions and comportment, are looking for approval rather than tolerance.

So what does he say?  How does he act?  Should he just skip the meeting and maybe drop the whole group because he finds one faggot nauseating?


CWMartin said...

How about: "I would just like to not comment on this story, due to the controversial nature of the subject. Just pretend I'm not here for the next few minutes." If that still gets pushed on: "Because we are trying to be objective about our writing here, and I don't feel I can be."

How much of that was part of what you already suggested?

jefferson101 said...

The only question I would have would be to ask how much Cisgender sex has occurred in the various items for review.

If it's none? Then you have a complaint. If there is that, then all you can do is point out that the whole thing throws you off the story, and leave it at that.

I'm pretty much in "As long as they don't frighten the Horses" mode, assuming that they don't have to tell me about it. I don't want to hear it, and get fairly annoyed if I do hear about it.

YMMV, but for myself? You can do whatever you want to, but don't try to get me involved, or you are going to get a face full of negativity.

But that's just me. As noted, you make your own decisions. If you are selling fiction to the Gay Community, it might go well, but there aren't enough of them to make your book sell worth mentioning.

Just saying...……..

Ed Bonderenka said...

I like to say, "Mama always said, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
Poof will be offended, but who is it to argue with Mama?

Glen Filthie said...

This is always the way things always go with queers. The faggot is not looking to have his work critiqued; he is looking for a confrontation with any that might question his behaviour. Your friend has three options:

-submit to the poz, pretend the rectum is a sex organ, and accept the degenerate homosexual agenda as legitimate and part of the group... and leave his IQ at home during the meetings

-he can object to the faggotry and refuse to go along with it. The faggot will clutch his pearls and shriek with woe and the women will probably side with him. The soys and betas in the crowd will probably do what the queer and the women tell them to.

-he can quietly quit, no drama, and walk away and try to find a group that is about writing. The one he’s in now is about social justice - nobody will say it though. It will only get worse too. When women and queers take charge things stop working.

My experience - after trying all three approaches to dealing with queers and their enablers, is the last. It’s also the hardest option too especially with the arts and lit crowd. That community has been pozzed beyond all redemption. Finding normal people in that crowd will be very, very difficult. They are obsessed with their crotches and perversion and their work will only reflect that.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks guys. I'm passing these along to Hosehead, then I'll post his response.

Mad Jack said...

I'm writing Hosehead's answers.

First off, I deeply resent being labeled as Hosehead by an antique booze hound that smells like a bus station men's room, and that no one has seen stone cold sober since the late '50s. By way of retaliation I planned to lace his next martini with a strong laxative, then I realized the additive would do him more good than harm. Rest assured, I'll think of something.

CW: Once he calmed down and sobered up a little, it's about the third thing that Mad Jack suggested, and it's close to what I did.

jefferson101: None of the submissions have included erotica, although one sci-fi story would have been better with a few paragraphs thrown in. To be fair, the homosexual in question did not write an erotic story, but a short story that included much more emotion and description of the daily life of homosexual men than I want to read or to know about.

As long as they don't frighten the horses... is a great way to sum it up, and it's generally my official stance.

Ed: I will not argue with Mama. You won't win, and you're likely not to get your dinner.

Glen Filthie (a truly unusual and unique sobriquet):

You summed it up.

-submit to the poz,... I refuse. I'm not a homosexual, nor will I ever be, nor do I condone their so-called choice in life. Next?

-object to the faggotry and refuse to go along with it... Which I really want to do. The faggot here is clever. I suspect he knows what I think of him, so if I tell him exactly how I feel about him and his contribution to literature, he'll become a martyr to the rest of the group, while I will become the resident Nazi. I'm in the public eye, and I cannot afford (literally, as it's my living) to commit social suicide. It's why I'm having Jack write this for me.

-quietly quit, no drama, and walk away... Which I considered and rejected. I will not be run off by a pipe smoker and his social agenda.

There are several other writing groups in town, and I've been to all of them. They've got more screaming queens and perverts in them than this one, and they are worthless as far as actual assistance goes.

This group has been valuable to me. I like the people, so I'm loathe to resign. Although the women in the group seemed to have no trouble talking about the homosexual's work, they all looked a little strained. I don't think they enjoyed it either, and wouldn't say so.

My thanks to all of you for your help.

I'm going to continue to attend, but will refuse to comment on this thing's writing. If asked, I'll say that I read it but have nothing to add. If directly provoked, I'll politely inquire about the meaning of the provocative pseudo question and bait the attacker into revealing his true agenda. I doubt that will happen, but if it does I'll report it to Mad Jack for sharing.

Thanks again for all your help.

Glen Filthie said...

Well that's probably a good call. As long as there is some good coming out of it, right? It seems to me that whenever you get a group of people together, it will always attract those that just want to be in to cause trouble for the rest. They're pretty much a fact of life.

Chuck Pergiel said...

"So Hosehead reads the story and gets sick to his stomach. The thing literally makes him feel ill."
Hosehead isn't alone. I have the same reaction. This is why queers stayed in the closet for so long. Hosehead should let everyone in the group know his feelings on the subject. Don't rant and rave, just matter-of-fact tell them. And probably don't go back, because it's liable to keep making him sick.

Mad Jack said...

Chuck: I agree with you. Hosehead (can't resist - gotcha!) reasons that out of ten people who attend these once per month meetings, five or six of them are helpful to him, either directly or indirectly. Three are showing him a lot of professional support, so he intends to continue with an eye towards writing an appropriate segment and submitting it for review.

It's good to know that some of us are not alone in the world.

Ominous Cowherd said...

``I'm pretty much in "As long as they don't frighten the Horses" mode, assuming that they don't have to tell me about it. I don't want to hear it, and get fairly annoyed if I do hear about it.''

The problem with that mode is that scaring the horses is one of their primary goals. It's not enough that they quietly have their perversion, it's not enough that you ignore them, they require that you enthusiastically support them, and maybe join in.

It's time to re-outlaw perversion, and get back to hanging perverts.