Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog Walk

I probably should use Dog Walk as a tag and provide a more descriptive title, but I won't.  It's equally likely that I should separate my opinions from my amateur photography, but I'm not going to do that either.  For all that, I should be at the gym exercising, and after I'm finished here I'll likely go and do that.

I attempted some night photography the other day (pun intended) and this is the only result fit to publish.  Naturally, it would be a police car in the quiet, gentle neighborhood of Lincoln Woods.


I took Excellent Rachmaninoff on our canine constitutional this morning and had an accident with the dog leash.

Dog Leash

Attached to the leash are house keys and a flashlight.  I've been thinking of attaching a .38 S&W as well, as many older S&W revolvers still have the eye for the lanyard, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Anyway, after I got the dog attached to the leash via the gentle leader I realized he'd managed to get his whiskers caught in the ring with the keys somehow.  I managed to help him extract himself before Main Lady could arrive with the scissors.  Excellent Rachmaninoff wasn't seriously injured.

I don't think the tulips will last much longer.  Here are a few select samples from Main Lady's front yard.

Fancy Double Tulip

White Tulip

Red Tulips

Flowering Bush

Dog Wood Tree


Butterflies are one sign of a healthy ecology.  It's early to see any butterflies, and so I'm glad to see this one, even more so given the way Main Lady's neighbors insist on spreading ecology killer on their lawns along with chemicals guaranteed to make grass greener no matter what.


Neighbor's Tulips

Yellow Wildflower

One of my neighbors asked me if we were troubled by moles.  I replied that we were not.  The moles tunnel and neither of us are troubled by it. The neighbor in question is a very intense young man who is likable and easy to live with in close proximity.  He is, however, on a quest to completely eradicate the common mole.  Likewise, these wildflowers which will grow in profusion and require little to no maintenance seem to trouble him greatly, and he wishes to send them the way of the mole, the tree squirrel and the stray cat or dog.  Make no mistake; the man isn't malicious, he simply does not want to share his own slice of the American dream with these things.  He's also cutting down all the trees in his yard, one at a time.  I don't know his reasoning and likely wouldn't understand it if I did know.

As I said, he's a good neighbor.  He doesn't tell me how to live and I offer him the same consideration.

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