Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worth Reading

Today is the first of April and so, you see, I have to think up a suitable gag for Main Lady along with another for Shotgun Bob.  Big Mike is no fun, having a somewhat sour, curmudgeonly disposition and a very keen sense of awareness.  My other brother, California Dave, requires careful planning and a sense of the ridiculous.  Think x-rated Three Stooges jokes.

Meantime, here are a few links worth reading.

Ever had to stop your polite conversation and mentally attempt to translate moonbat weasel speak into plain English?  Conservative contributor TomBrown over at SwampBubbles provided this invaluable reference to a translation table.  Click here here to get the definitive definition on diverse and inclusive as used by a moonbat.

Fred Reed explains why Mexicans don't like Gringos.

Click here to read Maggie Thurber as she congratulates Lindsay Webb on keeping her campaign promise not to raise the trash tax in spite of criticism.

Ever have the need to get a knife through a metal detector?  Click here for one option.

The site 2leep lists the top ten places you don't want to visit, the top ten macabre collectibles, the top ten human sideshow freaks and a host of other politically incorrect oddities.  Click here to check it out.

I still haven't thought of anything for Main Lady, although... if I can find my large rubber spider I could leave it in the dishwasher for her to find.

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