Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rachmaninoff's New Haircut

Excellent Rachmaninoff went to the dog groomer today and got his summer haircut.  I had to reassure him that he was very handsome, as his first reaction is generally embarrassment.  Our afternoon canine constitutional was almost diverted by a water hazard.  I didn't care to get wet, but my companion wanted a drink.  I used the burst mode on my camera for these shots and have the color contrast set higher than normal.  The pictures seemed to turn out a lot sharper than others I've taken under similar circumstances.

Excellent Rachmaninoff Gets A Drink

Rachmaninoff's Summer Haircut

He's Having a Double

Drinking at the Well

Water's Hard To Get

Rocky Gets Sprayed

Wet Muzzle

Centenarian's Garden

We have an elderly Swedish lady living near us.  She's over one hundred years old and made friends with Excellent Rachmaninoff some years back.  She's come to tolerate me pretty well, which is saying something.  I don't know what, exactly, but something.  Here's her front yard.

Dangerous Mallard

On the way home I was menaced by this mallard duck.  Fortunately for me, my trusty dog is familiar with this hazard and knows how to deal with it.

Mallard in Flight

This was not taken in burst mode, mainly because I didn't see it coming fast enough to switch modes on my camera.  I'd like to get the sequence of the dog stalking and flushing the ducks, but he notices the ducks long before I do.  By the time I'm aware of what's going on, both parties have defined their roles in the duck drama and one is exiting via the wings.

Pun intended.


Unknown said...

E.R. did his job well. Wonderful Pics.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks TLMoooo.