Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad Drivers

It never ceases to amaze me. Put an otherwise reasonable person behind the wheel of a car and the most amazingly bad behavior will rise right to the surface and spontaneously ignite. In the short time I watched the giant oak tree taken down, these people came through the work area about two to three times faster than they should have. The posted speed limit is 35 mph, but don't you think drivers would slow down when they see foot traffic or men working? Not these people.

Ohio EGS 6279 - Slow Down!

Michigan BCX 3004 Slow the Fuck Down!

And while I'm at it, stay on your own damned side of the line. The idiot woman driving this car was tailgating the dark blue car in the first picture, then waited for the blue car to clear the work area before putting her foot in the fan belt and blasting through the work site.

Ohio EXZ 7355

One of the few sane drivers to pass through. In fact, the only driver to observe a safe speed. The driver in question being a sour looking old man who likely cursed all of us on his way by.

Busted Plate ending in 33

He was headed for Michigan. Good. Stay there.


The green sedan on the right came up to the work area wanting to make a right onto Indian Ridge Road. Naturally, no turn signal was used - why bother? The genius in the station wagon on the left wanted to make a left onto Flanders, and so of course got into the leftmost lane. Why not, right? So the two come head to head and stop. After sizing the situation up, the ding-a-ling in the wagon slowly pulled over to the right just enough to give the sedan his right of way. I don't know... maybe they've been drinking.

Don't We Drive on the Right?

FedEx 742135

Note the advanced cross over grip for the cell phone. Would it be too much to ask for a FedEx driver to get off the cell phone and pay attention to her driving?

I know there are police out there. Where are the traffic cops when you need them?


thinblueline said...

Jesus, what a fattie in FedEx 742135
Placing an order for her KFC no doubt

Mad Jack said...

Or ordering a pizza. She was driving all over the place when she came through the first time, yakking away on her cell. When she came back I got the photo - I couldn't believe she was still talking.