Monday, July 19, 2010

The eagle flies...

The eagle flies on Friday
Saturday I go out to play...

So says Muddy Waters. Sadly, I haven't seen that eagle fly in some time but I still managed to make the show at Griffin's Hines Farm Blues Club last Saturday night (July 17th), along with Main Lady and a few other friends and acquaintances. The theme was Sweet Jackie's Birthing Day Blues, it being Jackie's birthday.

Sweet Jackie

Here's another picture of Jackie and some of her friends. I was a little afraid they'd fall off the table, but it was still early in the evening.

Jackie and Friends

Some of the men wanted to get to know the girl in the red dress a little better... okay, a lot better. Main Lady was packing her pistol with her so I had to remain at extreme telephoto lens distance.

The line up was Big Blues Bob and The Thin Ice Band, who were clearly the best band Saturday evening. Later on we heard Curtis Jr. and The Midnight Rockers. Joining in on the second and third set were the special guests Dan 'MudFoot' Hubbs and Danny Pratt "The Shuffle Cat"

  Big Blues Bob and The Thin Ice Band

Inspired by the Music

The eagle flies on Friday
Saturday I go out to play...
Sunday when I go to Church
I get down and pray

While Big Blues Bob was playing Stormy Monday this lady got inspired and started a solo routine. This is not uncommon when you put blues music and beer together - with ribs and whiskey added as needed.

Midnight Rockers

Vocalist for Midnight Rockers

The Midnight Rockers were only mediocre until this man came on stage and produced a huge jolt of energy. He's an excellent vocalist with a great voice, and he's also a superb showman. The set would have been wasted without him, as he pulled the band together and gave them a shot in the arm. The band immediately tightened up and started playing solid blues.

The Band

The Dance Floor

As the sun went down the place filled up, as did the dance floor. The dance floor isn't defined; it exists where ever there is space and people feel like getting up and dancing.


This guy sat near me and got too hammered to walk to the bar and get another beer. His wife (or girl friend - I never learned which) took pity on him from time to time and would fetch him another beer. I wonder if she helped him to the men's room as well.

Belligerent Drunk

I had this man pegged as an average, garden variety drunk, but I was wrong.  He's a belligerent drunk. Ah, well, such is life. He's probably too loaded to drive home and completely satisfy his wife (girl friend, significant other?).

Such as he are not unknown at the Hines Farm, but they're rare. Most drunks are the happy variety, dancing around and trying to sing along with the band. Fortunately the band drowns them out.

I had a great time at the Hines Farm, and I'm looking forward to their next event, which is in August and will feature about six or seven bands.

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