Monday, July 12, 2010

Tree Trimming

In May I wrote about a major power outage that was narrowly averted (click here to read about it). Since then the tree in question has structurally unstable, waiting to be converted into firewood, chips and sawdust. The process started Tuesday, July 6th and concluded Friday, July 9th. The lumberjacks hated to see it go, it being the oldest thing in Lucas county. I can identify with that being old and decrepit myself. When my parts start falling off, I hope someone has the good sense to put me on an ice floe with a bottle of vodka for company. Here are a few photos of the giant oak tree being cut down.

Tree and House

The house is a two story plus attic farm type house. Notice how tall the tree is compared to the house.

Long Way Up

This is a long way up, and you wouldn't get me up there. Not everyone thinks like me, which is a good thing for the tree service.


This brave fellow is getting flying lessons. That's a safety line he's wearing. Pretty soon he's going to start flapping his arms and buzzing around the house. Me, I like terra firma.

Work Level

The man scrambled around up there and sawed off tree limbs which didn't hit anything on the way down. Utility wires, streets and the house all had to be missed, and none were hurt in the three day process.

Balancing Act

This guy not only gets up here, but he manages to safely use a chain saw while walking around on tree limbs. I wonder if his life insurance company knows about this?

Base Trunk

Here's the base trunk. As you can see, the center is pretty well rotted out. The man standing next to the trunk (you can just see the top of his head) is an average size man. The trunk is huge.

The End

And here is the end of the matter. Everything was removed leaving a pile of dirt to be raked out. I expect the owners will plant a few flowers where the tree used to stand.

Tree Service

Here's the tree service. The men did a great job and cleaned up everything on the way out.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Adrift on an iceberg with a bottle of vodka does sound better than a chainsaw and a wood chipper.

From the looks of that trunk, the owners did the right thing and took it out. I hate to lose a good tree, but I'd hate to lose my house or a neighbor even more.

Stephanie Lorée said...

Perfectly timed, Mad Jack. I'm looking to get a tree removed from my backyard. I called 3 different services on Friday and left messages. None have returned my call. I'll try these guys next. Thanks!

Mad Jack said...

Good luck, Mesmerix.

The owners are both retired and while they aren't broke they are not wealthy by any stretch. When the major limb came down on the street they were out of town visiting children and grandchildren. One look at the pictures of the hollow tree and they knew it had to come down, no question about that, but just how they were going to pay for removing it was something that was keeping them awake nights.

Turns out that the Township has an easement for the purpose of widening the road, and in the interests of big government the Township paid to have the tree removed. I estimated the cost at around $5,000, but based on all the equipment and manpower thrown at this job it might have been more.

What a huge relief for them!

Stephanie Lorée said...

My tree is not nearly as big as that one, so I'm hoping it won't be anywhere close to $5k. If it is, well, then the tree will likely be staying. I may also name it, make it part of the family.