Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Life: The Boneyard, Part 2

My intention was to write about this escapade in three parts. I've published Part 1 here for anyone who would care to read it. Picking my way among the weeds and debris, I found a Chevrolet Cavalier rag-top in arrest me red that has clearly seen better days. Too bad.

Abandoned Chevy

License Tag
The expiration on the plates would make it likely that the car has been sitting here since September of 2007 - about three years for those of you with a Toledo public school education. I didn't stop to examine the car, but I would suspect that the problem might be in the engine or drive train which would make it both expensive and difficult to fix. I remember one fellow I worked with some years ago who loaned his car to a co-worker. The engine overheated and the silly bitch continued to drive it until the inevitable happened. She claimed that she didn't know what the red idiot light meant by 'hot'. Although I didn't say anything at the time, I wondered how someone could be so completely fucking ignorant. Naturally she couldn't afford a new engine for the car and there was little promise of ever getting it fixed otherwise, so it was off to the boneyard.

Ohio Plate
I have no idea as to what year this car is or who owned it. Although I didn't examine the car closely, outwardly it seems like it could be fixed up and made road worthy again. I could see a 14 year old boy buying it and putting two years of sweat into the body and interior, thus giving himself a nice car by the time he turned 16. I think it's possible that the owner always promised himself that he'd get the car fixed someday, but one way or another that day never quite rolled around. Ah, well...

Being a curious sort, I wonder who it was registered to. Anyone have any ideas on how to find out?


Beat And Release said...

I have an idea, but I don't need the feds trying to toss in prison over it. :)

Mad Jack said...

I think they're too touchy about that kind of thing.