Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Life: The Boneyard, Part 1

As usual, I was minding my own business when my dear old mother told me she would like to go visit a few garage sales today, which is a hint that she'd like me to drive, lift and carry. It doesn't hurt that I have a Garmin GPS system, which is the only way I can find my way around such cities as Baton Rouge, Memphis or New Orleans. So off we went to find various estate and garage sales, most of which are a complete waste of time. The very last sale turned out to be somewhere off Benore road and consisted of a warehouse full of junk surrounded by a bone yard filled with weeds, debris, boats on the hard and a stray vehicle or two. Being bored, I opted to wander the yard while mom investigated the warehouse. Mom found a set of good quality china, 12 place settings and serving pieces, including a soup tureen. I negotiated a good price.

Anyway, while the china was being packed up, I discovered a burned out truck in the yard.

Abandoned Truck
 Low and behold, this used to be part of the Try Hours fleet, as the truck was flying the Try Hours flag.

Try Hours Red-Hot Freight Expediters
For a very brief time, I worked for Try Hours and enjoyed it. The business was in Sylvania at that time, and the owner was named Doug. I don't remember his last name, but he was a congenial sort and very easy to work for. The head book keeper was Beth, and I can't remember the names of the dispatchers. I do remember that during the summer a girl in a bikini walked through the dispatch area and it sounded like feeding time in the primate house at the zoo.

Ohio - PV62S Expiring in 1995
Some time after that I went to work for Tri-State Expedited Service in Millbury, where I remained for a longer time than I should have. The owner of Tri-State, Ron Chidester, and his management team used to curse Try Hours frequently. Doug never worried about the competition and what they might be up to; he was too busy working.

I expect Ron would be happy to see this burned out truck.

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