Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Life: Circus

I live in a circus.

The item in this article is called a Kong. It's hollow with a hole about as big as your thumb in one end. The owner can fill the toy with dog treats of one sort or another and give it to the dog who is then kept busy for a while extracting and eating the dog treats. Some people (PETA members and other misguided pinheads) believe that it's cruel to make the dog work for his food, to which I say that if you've never had to work hard to attain something you wanted, then clearly you can not identify with the feeling of success your dog will enjoy as he digs the treats out of the Kong. If further proof is needed, I'm willing to let these people try taking Excellent Rachmaninoff's Kong away from him while he's busy working with it.

Kong Toy
Anyway, this particular Kong belongs to Excellent Rachmaninoff. He's got a nice blue one as well, but I can't find it just now. I suspect that Rachmaninoff has hidden it, such behavior explaining why he has two Kong toys instead of just one, and also why I'm on the lookout for the second Kong toy. You see, the last time Main Lady wanted to distract the little dog, she filled his nice red Kong toy with dog treats and gave it to him to play with, then went about her business.  Excellent Rachmaninoff had other ideas, and instead of spending the next hour or so extracting the treats, he hid the toy in the large planter in the foyer. I've no idea how long the toy remained hidden, but it was long enough for Main Lady to water the plant several times, thus thoroughly soaking the contents of the toy and changing the consistency of said contents from crunchy dog treats into heavily watered oatmeal. You'd think a bright red toy wouldn't stay hidden for very long in the midst of a clump of green house plants, but you'd lose that bet.

When Main Lady finally found the toy by tripping over the dog and knocking the planter over, she picked it up and the contents (now a high school biology experiment conclusively proving something) ran out all over her hand, down her arm and onto the floor. The dog refused to help with the clean up.

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Momma Fargo said...

Eww. I think I'm with the dog. Sounds gross and not appetizing. LOL