Friday, October 1, 2010

Trojan Horse

One way or another my desktop system became infected with a Trojan horse, and a nasty one at that. I tried STOPzilla but the software refused to install (no real surprise) and the STOPZilla technical support, located somewhere in whodahStan, was more interested in billing me $199 for services to be rendered. I declined and took my sick system to Stone Computer where my favorite oriental technician promised to get it back to me by Monday. The real cure for this infection is to scrub the drive, reformat and reload. Honorable Technician-San told me that I'm not alone. Evidently this particular Trojan has been playing merry Hell with many computers this week, and I am not the first nor likely to be the last. The company behind this Trojan is living in India, well beyond the reach of US Citizens who would delight in tying the little weasels to a pick up truck and dragging them for a few miles over a bad piece of road.


Trilby said...

How do you figure it got into your system? 1. Opened a file in your email? 2. From a site you visited? 3. Other (explain if you have a theory)

Mad Jack said...

I haven't a clue. Everything was fine the night before, then whammo! I've got a nasty virus.

I took the system to Stone Computer and let Jerry (real name: gee annah san) look at it. He fixed the system and told me that I'm far from being alone on this one. I gather virus activity is spiking.