Monday, October 18, 2010


But not until you aim. While on my way back to the old homestead this morning I saw what appeared to be an overheated radiator. Not so, as the Sylvania Township Fire Department is not in the habit of responding to stranded motorists.

Fire or Steam?
While this might not be a four alarm fire, it's unusual to see an automobile burning up. I hope the folks have insurance. Here's a better shot of the Fire Department in action.

Auto On Fire
One thing I've always liked about Sylvania is our first rate fire department, followed closely by the Sylvania Township Police Department. These men and women do an excellent job.

Traffic is being routed around the circus, and the plethora of police forced the idiots to stop tailgating, cutting in front of other drivers, forcing their way into the line of cars... and in general stopped them from displaying the bad driving habits that occasionally earn them points on their license.

Cause for Commotion
Here's the source of all the misery. I don't know how this came to pass, but I'd say it was likely the driver smacked into someone entering Monroe Street from the Kroger parking lot. This particular intersection was poorly designed from the beginning. Kroger was allowed to build a store and a gas station on a corner with heavy traffic, thus adding to the problem of traffic congestion during morning and afternoon rush hours.

The flammable materials under the hood burned quite nicely and gave off a strong chemical stench. I inadvertently got a solid lungful of the stuff and have been feeling sick ever since.


Stephanie Lorée said...

I see better local photos on your blog than most news reports.

Momma Fargo said...

Dang, maybe he should have gone green with a hybrid.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks Mesmerix. I got lucky with these shots.

Mad Jack said...

Yeah, a hybrid... looks like a brush fire to me!