Monday, January 16, 2012

CCW: The Light Goes On

I'll repeat myself yet again.  If you feel the need, by all means pack your pistol with you.  Your right to do so is guaranteed to you in the Bill of Rights, specifically in the Second Amendment.  Not everyone believes the same way I do.  Case in point, Main Lady's eldest little darling (Flopsy) stands firmly against guns and all that they (the guns, I would guess) stand for.  Now me, being a warm, sensitive man of the '90s (and here I'm referring to that era that began in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety and terminted abruptly at the beginning of the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand - the time span, not my age and not my mileage.  Get it?) - as I was saying, a warm, sensitive man of the '90s as well as being considerate and generous into the bargain, I would often instigate a short discussion on gun control with Flopsy, generally referring to some local news item, then I'd suffer the anti-gun tirade in my usual quiet, tolerant manner - then I'd invite Flopsy to go out shooting with Big Mike and I.

Well sir, one fine day Flopsy accepted my invitation, went out to the range with us and proceeded to shoot the hell out of everything downrange, including perforating a standard pistol bulls eye target at fifty fee with Big Mike's .380 sock drawer automatic.  Her performance was witnessed by three pseudo macho ass hats, all of whom were full of themselves and all of whom suffered deflated egos.  All three of us carefully and studiously ignored them; they tried ignoring Flopsy and failed.

So.  That's old history, but the other night Main Lady, Flopsy and I were settling in to watch Masterpiece Theater when Main Lady referred to some kind of shooting item in the news - I don't remember what it was specifically, but I believe it involved an elderly woman successfully defending herself with a firearm.  I commented that the anti-gun moonbats would use it to promote even more gun control, which Main Lady questioned.  As I remember it, Main Lady was referring to the Brady Bunch.

"Why don't they want us to carry a gun?"

"Because it's the great equalizer."  I responded.

There was a long silence while Flopsy and Main Lady looked at each other.

"In any fight, size matters.  If it didn't, there wouldn't be weight classes in boxing.  So, if your attacker is a six foot six inch Goliath with mayhem on his mind, you won't stand much of a chance against him.  But give you a .38 - "

" - and it doesn't matter how big he is."  Flopsy concluded.

"Exactly.  If you own a firearm it upsets the natural order of things.  All of a sudden, we really are all equal."

I didn't push the issue, but I could tell the light suddenly went on.


Older School said...

Good job!

Mad Jack said...

Thanks, Older School. One at a time is all I ask for.

The Old Man said...

Well done, amigo. The Socratic method is sneaky and very effective.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks, Old Man. What is it they say - the young have energy and enthusiasm, while the elders have old age and treachery? Something along those lines.