Monday, January 30, 2012

My Life: Saturday Night with the Oldies

I no longer think I'm getting old; I know it as fact.  When I asked Main Lady what her ideas were for Saturday night, her response was not attending a soirée with a group of Bacchanal devotees dressed in costume, nor did she advocate a quiet evening at home watching a good film on DVD and eating pizza.  Her suggestion?

"Why don't we go to the supermarket?  I hear they are having a wine and cheese party over at the Anderson's... what do you think?"

I was too tired to argue, and in any event what I thought didn't really matter.  As it turned out, this was one of Main Lady's better ideas.

The Wine Bar
To begin with, I really did need to go to the store.  I was out of bacon, eggs and sausage.  Main Lady said she was low on fresh vegetables, tofu and fat free diary products.  Infer whatever you like from this.  Anyway, the store looked normal until we got to the wine section.  The deal is that you can buy a glass of wine for 0.75¢; they have about half a dozen bottles open.  None of these are expensive wines, but they're good enough for table use.  The cheese and pastries are free and are served up in abundance.  Since Main Lady started the evening with a burr under her saddle (a long story - I would have shot someone by now) I lost no time in skipping the fresh vegetables department in favor of the bar.  One glass of red wine later, Main Lady was ready to dance around a little.

Dancing at the Supermarket
One of the local ballroom dance studios was having a free group lesson coupled with a dance party in the cooking class room.  I knew the instructor from the bad old days - I hadn't seen him in many years and was glad to see he was still alive and well.  Main Lady and I watched the class and enjoyed a little wine and cheese while the lesson was in progress, then we joined in for the general dancing.  By the third glass they played a waltz and I danced Main Lady up and around the wine bar and into the canned goods aisle, much to the enjoyment of the regular shoppers.

We spent an hour or so at the supermarket, and a full ten minutes of that was shopping for groceries.  When we left, Main Lady was feeling much better, and so was I.  Hey, when Momma's happy, everybody is happy!

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