Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Worthy Reads

Here are a few worthy reads that I've stumbled across, one way or another.  I found these sites enjoyable, but the average person may not.  For all that, the average person is very likely to be offended.  The average moonbat may suffer a complex of some sort and require extra sessions of group therapy for the next six months.

First up is that lovable old cactus, Fred Reed, who writes about the good old days back in 1955 and explains why the average high school graduate is dumber than a box of rocks and why the United States isn't doing anything about it.

In 1955

With the regularity of sunrise, editorials raise alarums over the sorry state of schooling in America, wondering year after year why students are so abysmally ignorant. Why the puzzlement? The reasons is that Americans don't want education. They would rather have polio. If they saw education coming down the street, they would crawl into the storm sewers to avoid it, and epoxy the manhole covers down for a better seal.

Then, just when things started to quiet down, Retired Police Officer Beat and Release suddenly puts a few rounds into the air at 3:00 AM and proclaims that he's back in action.  Sort of.  Check his evaluation of our political candidates and decide for yourself.

Beat and Release

Michele Bachmann? Yeah, I'd bang her until her eyes bled, but I sure as hell wouldn't vote for her.

I discovered Mike-Istan in the middle of my afternoon bourbon, whose blog motto kind of says it all: In God we trust, everybody else keep your hands where I can see them.

Mike admits to being asleep at the switch lately, but he's making up for it.  Check out the link to Inevitable.


I've haven't been paying attention with even almost interest to the goings on in Iowa. It's depressing - like watching the paste eaters from grade school stage a production of A Christmas Carol. You know every line, every scene, and how it's going to end. And even though the thing is so familiar you can recite it in your sleep, it is amazing how far below even your lowest expectations the show falls.

Last on my list is a great site put together by Ron Unz, who has put together a huge library on line and absolutely free - but be forewarned.  Fred Reed says he knows Unz, and says Unz is a friend.  I wonder if Unz knows this? I wonder if Unz has a lawyer?


This web site is intended to provide an extensive free library of written content to everyone on the Internet, eventually containing a comprehensive collection of high-quality books and periodical issues.

Have fun reading!

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