Monday, February 13, 2012

February 14 is Starbucks Appreciation Day

The Brady Bunch, a demented sub-group of the anti-freedom moonbat crowd discovered that the friendly folks over at Starbucks coffee shop are refusing to ban firearms from their premises.  Clearly that ain't right, so the moonbat powers that be directed their loyal sycophants, the National Gun Victim's Action Council (NGAC), to boycott Starbucks on St. Valentine's Day.

By way of retaliation for attempted oppression and to keep the Brady Bunch awake nights, Ohioans for Concealed Carry launched a counter attack with Starbucks Appreciation Day, the idea being to go on down to your local Starbucks and buy a cup of joe.

I support the right to bear arms, and by that I mean any armament an adult chooses borne in any manner the adult chooses and done so wherever the adult is legally allowed to be, armed or otherwise.  So to show my opposition to the Brady Bunch, I'm going to stop by Starbucks tomorrow and have a cup of coffee.  After that I'll buy Main Lady a nice gift certificate to Starbucks.

How do you like them apples, Sarah?


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Starbucks rocks in my book.