Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Own Prediction

While enjoying my morning bourbon I thought to peruse History Mike, who is one of my favorite writers.  He hasn't written much lately, but today this erudite academic has published his annual prognostication, appropriately entitled Super Bowl XVLI Prediction.  I am thus inspired to make a prediction of my own - but what would it be?  Such things are supposed to be ambivalent at best; charitably described as nebulous at worst.  I continued searching and found nothing.  Clearly more inspiration is called for, so I refreshed my glass.

I enjoy reading Dr. Grumpy in the House.  I'm cheered to find someone else in this world, in my own lifetime who is intelligent and well read, and who is clearly as puzzled as I by the odd behavior and incomprehensible motivations perpetrated by many of our fellow inhabitants.  Dr. Grumpy's latest contribution to civilized knowledge is Ride Like The Wind, Bull's Eye! where the little known sport of Yak Skiing is described in some detail, and where we have discovered this sage bit of advice from yak herder Peter Dorje:

Never shake the bucket of nuts before you're tied to the yak rope.
- Peter Dorje

I predict that this will sweep the Internet and become a proper response to the rhetorical cliche, "Well, you know what they always say..."

And that's my prediction.  Here's how!

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